Saturday, March 21, 2015

Uptown Square

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Here's a website and a flyer (PDF) for Uptown Square, a new complex going in on 320th. across from Safeway where the Federal Way Public School District bus lot used to be. The drawings make it look like a vibrant mixed use (commercial on the ground floor, residential above) but in reality, only two of the 15 buildings will be mixed use. All told, it should offer space for about six to eight retail shops and 300 hundred new residences/apartments. Thank goodness - if it's anything Federal Way has a shortage of it's residential properties and if there's anything Federal Way has too much of it's centrally located commercial, especially office spac... oh... wait...

These look nice until you realize the same company making these 4 and 5 story buildings are responsible for a lot of the 15-20 story office buildings in Bellevue. Still, to have some mixed use - any mixed use - it's a start. The developer is looking for businesses that won't attract a lot of evening or weekend parking.  While the complex will have plenty of parking (naturally), is it too late to get the carpool lane that dead ends right before the entrance to Wells Fargo continued down 320th as a bus lane?

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