Friday, December 23, 2011

Reapplying the Hiatus

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It's funny, I declared this blog was going on hiatus in May of 2010, more than 100 posts ago.

When we moved here in 2006, life for me was simpler.  Also, being back in the northwest was exciting - I can see Seattle (or is that Sea-Tac) from my house!  The air is clear, the weather is great, people are nice, the only problem is this darned graffiti.

That was a pretty interesting kick... appeared on KING5, interviewed for an article in the New York Times (not to mention Tacoma News Tribune and Federal Way Mirror), cool stuff.  All because of this little blog.

The graffiti got tackled, but my perceptions became less, how shall we say, bright.  The city began to feel more gritty, the "that which I did not like" really didn't start at the borders of Auburn and Pierce County but existed within the town as well.  Life got busier, I became more jaded and I began to learn that it was much easier to say I'm from Seattle than Federal Way and go through the whole "Oh? Where's that?" "Between Seattle and Tacoma." "Oh... so you must be right by the airport."  *sigh*

It probably didn't help that I also stopped reading the Federal Way Mirror.  While a small town weekly paper, it's got heart, it's informational and it makes one feel more connected to the town.  Without it, I'm left with what appears on MSNBC (never good) or the whinging on of our Home Owner's Association.  Not to mention the constant, constant elections where we just keep electing the same people over and over again despite the mess they make or don't clean up.

So, yeah, disillusioned.  If I look at the recent blog, it's just a collection of press releases.  All it ends up being is free publicity for the city.  Maybe someday they'll wake up and realize locking everything away in PDFs is dumb, but I won't hold my breath.

So, for now, this is going to go quiet.  I won't kill it yet, Google still delivers search traffic to it, but I don't see a future in blogging about Federal Way.  But then maybe I'm just late to leave the party as the Federal Way Blog, FederalWayan and the Federal Way Conservative all left the scene years ago.

I always thought that Federal Way aspired to be Tacoma's Bellevue or Seattle's southern Bellevue.  But to look at the politics, zoning and inaction, it does not seem to be the case.  Perhaps while I'm a.f.k. people will surprise me - maybe Symphony (or whatever it's called now) will actually get built and will set a precedent for building up, not out.  Maybe before I die light rail will connect Tacoma to Seattle through Federal Way.

But not sure how much of that you'll find here.  You'll probably need to go to FWM or TNT for that, they have the time, effort, resources, expertise and incentive to cover this city that I don't.

So, thanks for reading and take care.

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