Sunday, June 12, 2011

City gives additional $25k for sand sculpting event

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After 20 years in British Columbia, Federal Way lured the World Championship of Sand Sculpting to Federal Way for 2010.

It was held in an abandoned parking lot, attracted just under 20k, far short of the 60k that typically visited it in B.C. and below the 38k needed to break even and suffered due to rain.

The event coordinators (Federal Way Community Council) ended $50k in debt and two anonymous donors covered the losses.

It may not be held in Federal Way this year, but *another* sand sculpting event will be, put together by the same event group. The city had already pledged $28k to this new event and is now offering up another $25k.

The city does hope to have a more Bumbershoot feel with food and other events in conjunction with the event and make it more of a destination. Hopefully they will have more reasonable goals about attendance -- it probably took time (20 years?) to get up to 60,000 in regular attendance.

The event co-coordinator is the publisher of The Federal Way Mirror. Take what you want from that.

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