Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mount Baker Station Area Redevelopment Contest

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To the north, the new Mount Baker LINK Light Rail Station has caused the owners of the property immediately around it to wonder - could this space be better used (and make them more money)? Enter an annual contest - the "Urban Land Institute / Gerald D. Hines 2011 Student Urban Design Competition"

The roughly $80k investment attracted many entries on how the space might be re-used, complete with phasing. To be sure, there are some assumptions and constraints, but it's within constraints that you usually get the most creativity, not the blank slate. I wonder if it's time for Federal Way to take a more active role in the AMC property, versus leaving it to whoever they can sell it to to determine how the space will be used.

Perhaps important questions about mobility and access should be determined in advance... will roads intersect the space? What does its borders look like? Do we want people to live there? Shop there? Work there? How do they get to and from the space? How does it tie into the existing city core? Does it signal a new core? Does it signal a desired change and future direction for the existing core?

Should existing large landowners like Andrew Cratzenberg or Steadfast (Commons) be consulted or included in the conversation? Are we just building out, piece-meal, or are we building a new vision for downtown Federal Way?

Could the city receive some great options through the relatively small investment of a design competition, assisted by a group like ULI to make sure quality participation?

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