Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Federal Way Police Department Citizen Survey

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From the survey:

We are committed to assessing the quality of the services you receive from the Federal Way Police Department. Our last survey of the community was in 2008. We review all comments with an objective view and have implemented several suggestions to improve our service and meet the needs of the community. The Federal Way Police Department received feedback in 2008, about abandoned shopping carts around the city. In the latter part of 2010, the police department launched the Shopping Cart Recovery program staffed by police volunteers. The need for bicycle officers in the downtown core was mentioned several times in our 2008 survey. In 2009, we created our Special Operations Unit, which is a bicycle unit that patrols the downtown core. The implementation of this unit has led to a decrease in crime and increased the safety of patrons and businesses in the downtown core.
Click here to take the survey.

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