Sunday, December 12, 2010

Federal Way Pursues Land Purchase for Civic Center/PACC

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December 12, 2010

Patrick Doherty
Economic Development Director

Federal Way Pursues Land Purchase for Civic Center/PACC

On November 16, 2010, the Federal Way City Council disclosed a tentative agreement to purchase 3.8 acres of land in the downtown core for the future development of a Civic/Performing Arts Conference Center. The property is located on the corner of S 316th and 20th Avenue South and is the former site of the Toys R Us retail business.

The property purchase for $5.375 million is expressly contingent upon receiving approximately $5 million from the State of Washington that was awarded in June of 2008. This agreement (with pending contingencies) is another step towards the vision of a vibrant downtown and a gathering place for citizens.

City Manager/Police Chief Brian Wilson stated that “the purchase of this property in the heart of our downtown provides a tremendous opportunity for the community to collaborate on the development of a Civic/Performing Arts Conference Center. We are fortunate with our timing and that this property is available. This is a significant step to establish a vibrant and desirable downtown”.

Robert Neu, Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools stated, “This is a wonderful opportunity that allows the City, the Public Schools, and the Chamber of Commerce to collaborate on an initiative that will benefit the entire Federal Way community.”

City Manager/Police Chief Wilson reiterated the importance of community involvement in the future development of this Civic/Performing Arts and Conference Center and that the opportunities for business, government, and citizens to collaborate and partner on this project are to be determined. Securing this property will enable this process to begin. Wilson described the transaction as “buying the anchor for the downtown” and that future development efforts will assist property owners and promote business growth in the downtown core.

Susan Streifel, CEO, Woodstone Credit Union stated, “I am excited about what this means for the future of Federal Way and our downtown. I look forward to working together as a community to collaborate on this vision and our future.”

Mayor Linda Kochmar stated, “Once the sale is final, the City will begin an open public process – similar to the initial visioning process – for public input to develop this asset in the community. Community and business partnerships will be explored to bring the vision of a Civic/Performing Arts and Conference Center facility to fruition.”

Final action regarding the purchase of this property is scheduled for December 21, 2010 where the City Council must approve the purchase and authorize the Mayor to execute the necessary closing documents.

Brian J. Wilson
City Manager/Police Chief


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