Sunday, May 16, 2010


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Federal Way Graffiti is going on hiatus.  Truth be told, it's really already been on hiatus for some time now.  Not intentionally, but things have just been far too busy to keep up with the news of Federal Way.

The graffiti problem seems to have largely been stemmed.  As some suspected, it probably was a small group of people responsible for a majority of the graffiti.  

The city will be led by an elected mayor.

Things are peachy in Federal Way, right?  Well, not so fast.  Federal Way's coming along.  It's not coming apart at the seams and things could be better, but it's not on fire, either.

The best way to follow this blog's erratic posting schedule will be to subscribe to its RSS feed.  Future posts will probably focus on Federal Way's development.  Will it continue to feature a zoning layout where everything is segregated and no matter what you want to do, you'll need your car?  Or will a real downtown emerge with places to live, work and play?  Will it continue to be a place the Seattle Times leaves off maps, or will it be Bellevue South?  Time will tell.

We'll still be here, and maybe at some point, life will allow us to pick up a more regular posting schedule.

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