Monday, April 5, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here

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When the WSDOT Triangle Project kicks off later this year, a funding gap means that the project will be done in phases.

If you live or work off of Weyerhauser Way and are accustomed to travelling into Federal Way by hopping on the 18 for a few seconds and then continuing down 348th., you're going to need to find a new alternative. (Confirmed this morning by Bruce Nebbit with the WSDOT.)

While that may suit the anti-Federal Way county residents just fine, this means no more quick trips to Starbucks for office workers at World Vision and other businesses in the area, not to mention a more convoluted commute for anyone working in East Federal Way and living in West Federal Way.

Most likely, it will drive traffic to businesses and restaurants on 320th., but in some cases (between added traffic or added travel time) it will probably result in less money spent at Federal Way restaurants and service establishments (especially by out-of-town residents who travel into Federal Way for work).

FWG has said it before and we'll say it again.  Federal Way needs to get better about zoning.  Not sure if there's a push for sustainability and environmentalism in Federal Way like there is in Seattle, but there really ought to be restaurants and service retail (banks, dry cleaners, car washes, minor medical) near these business parks to cut down on vehicle miles driven.

Your alternate routes:

Transit service implications were not researched in time to include in this post.


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