Sunday, February 7, 2010

Letter: 194 Closing

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There is an upcoming Feb 9th closure of the 194 bus route between Federal Way and Seattle, and most riders on this route don't seem to realize that it's even closing.

Riders using this route are going to now have to pay $2.00 to ride to the Seatac airport, and then have to pay an additional ticket fare to use the lightrail to get the rest of the way (unless you have an orca card). The 194 bus route is a direct route, and is packed during all hours of the day. It seems that it's only being removed to gain additional riders for lightrail - and squeezes the pockets of poor and lower middle class riders who are already being hurt by the recent bus fare increase.

I hope you'll write something about it before the bus closes down. It bothers me deeply that our city council hasn't made any effort to let riders know this would happen, and I am hoping that riders will write to them and tell them how this has an impact on their lives.

-- T. Young

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