Friday, January 8, 2010

Warning: Twin Lakes Elementary Speed Camera

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Federal Way Graffiti's Jr. Research Assistant alerts to two instances recently where the camera did not function as she expected:

- At 8:55 on Tuesday with no school crossing lights flashing, her car and another car passed the camera doing close to the speed limit (if over, no more than 2 mph) and the camera flashed multiple times. (Does it ever flash in warning?)

- At 11:40 on Thursday, with school lights flashing, our researcher passed through the zone doing 20 and a car blew past her going 7-10 mph greater and no flash was evidenced. (Does it always flash, or only when there's low light levels?)


On a related note, our research also noted that she entered the intersection of 320 and Pacific Highway later on Thursday, the light turning yellow right after her tires crossed the line - too late for her to safely stop.

So she proceeded through the intersection. While it did not appear that she was ticketed (or at least there was no flash), she still was unable to cross the intersection safely before the light had turned red. When it was first announced that the City of Federal Way was introducing red light cameras, Federal Way Graffiti asked if Federal Way would be reducing yellow timing to the lowest legal limit (to make cameras more profitable) or keeping yellows longer (to emphasize safety). To date, no one has addressed this issue to FWG's (albeit limited) knowledge.

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