Sunday, August 2, 2009

News: Consultants report favorably on Federal Way performing arts and cultural center

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FEDERALWAYMIRROR.COM -- On July 21, the city council heard results confirming that a performing arts, cultural and conference center could prosper in Federal Way.

Webb Management Services Inc. of New York was hired to present a picture of how a performing arts and cultural center (PACC), with an adjoining or adjacent conference center and hotel, would fit into Federal Way's economic development plans. More...

I hope Federal Way learns from the lessons of the Community Center and Town Hall. Location, location, location. This place has gotta be closer to the freeway, closer to "downtown Federal Way" (honestly - still not sure where this is. It's the Sears parking lot, right?). Hopefully near whatever will go where Symphony was supposed to (not holding my breath on that one). Speaking of, City, please make sure the replacement project is at least as tall as Symphony was supposed to be. We need to take that next step.

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