Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tip 2

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Tip 2: S 320th St @ 1st Ave S
Add 2nd left-turn lane - WB, EB, NB, SB
Add right-turn lanes - WB, NB, SB
Widen 1st Ave S to 5 lanes to S 316th St

North-bound already has a right-turn lane, but if they're expanding 1st to five lanes north of 320, one would assume the current right-hand turn lane will become another through lane. This will be a great opportunity to possibly improve this corner, one of the few non-residential areas (offices in NW and SW corners, strip mall in SE corner, transit stops just west, east and south of intersection) in this part of town, it's really failing to live up to its potential. A drive-through bank ATM, a dry cleaner, a small coffee shop would probably all do well here.

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