Thursday, May 14, 2009

Annexation by the State

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Seems like they tried to pull a fast one on ol' Jerry Galland and sneak mandatory annexation into SB 5808 dealing with protection and services.

On one hand, anyone who sues Gregoire and pro-viaduct Chopp gets big props in my book. On the other hand, the City of Federal Way should sue Galland for continuing to use the term "East Federal Way PAA" to describe where he lives when he so strenuously objects to joining the city, going so far as to release his press release from Auburn (also an incorporated city). (FWG suggests that "East Hicksville" is still available. The extremely, extremely subtle irony (think about it) is not lost on FWG.)

One wonders at Galland's true motivation. Does he really just want to keep all of us off his lawn? Does he just want to be left alone to work on his manifesto? Or perhaps "unincorporated King County" suggests "Seattle" whereas "City of Federal Way" suggests, well, "City of Federal Way"?

Read his press release here.



Sorry I can not address you by name (But then graffiti is anonymous in nature),

Thank you for helping inform people of our cause.

Just a note of correction/clarification. The description of Proposed East Federal Way Annexation Area, or East Federal Way PAA is accurate and since used by the city, county and state to identify this geographical area, may explain why the city of Federal way would have no basis desire to ‘sue’ me for its use.

And, since you are aware that I live in the unincorporated King County area known as East Federal Way PAA, I am not sure why you believe that I released my press release from Auburn.

Again, mostly I want to than you for the exposure.


Jerry Galland

Anonymous said...

The petitions are ready for printing and signature gathering. We only have a few weeks to repeal this law and need all the help we can get.

120,577 signatures need to be submitted by July 25th and we need you to help. Are you going to be attending a TEA party or other event in the next few weeks? Take some petitions with you and be one of the people that helps get this thing rolling.

We are running a volunteer signature gathering effort, not using paid workers unless absolutely needed.

Go to the website and help get this important measure on the November ballot.


FederalWayan said...

Antifederalwayism is one of the craziest notions to come out of this area. I don't know why those in Federal Unincorporated Way (aka F.U.Way) think that having next-to-zero public services and Seattle-based absentee government is a good idea. Part of me says just let the roads crumble and the crime skyrocket, and when no one else is living there anymore, FW can turn it into the state's largest city park.


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