Monday, May 25, 2009

News: City considers terminating Federal Way Municipal Court

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FEDERALWAYNEWS.COM -- Federal Way is evaluating its options for providing court services, and has shown interest in terminating its municipal court. More...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nearby Chrysler Closures

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Federal Way does not have a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealership, so Federal Way won't be losing out here. However, reports 789 dealerships are at risk (PDF).

Locally, this includes:

  • Robert Larson Chrysler Jeep, Tacoma
  • Milam Jeep Mazada, Puyallup
  • Tacoma Dodge, Tacoma
All told, 15 dealerships in Washington State are on the list.  Other cities include Bellingham, Burlington, Kennewick, Longview (2), Pasco, Port Angeles, Ritzville, Vancouver, Wenatchee, and Yakima (2).

Annexation by the State

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Seems like they tried to pull a fast one on ol' Jerry Galland and sneak mandatory annexation into SB 5808 dealing with protection and services.

On one hand, anyone who sues Gregoire and pro-viaduct Chopp gets big props in my book. On the other hand, the City of Federal Way should sue Galland for continuing to use the term "East Federal Way PAA" to describe where he lives when he so strenuously objects to joining the city, going so far as to release his press release from Auburn (also an incorporated city). (FWG suggests that "East Hicksville" is still available. The extremely, extremely subtle irony (think about it) is not lost on FWG.)

One wonders at Galland's true motivation. Does he really just want to keep all of us off his lawn? Does he just want to be left alone to work on his manifesto? Or perhaps "unincorporated King County" suggests "Seattle" whereas "City of Federal Way" suggests, well, "City of Federal Way"?

Read his press release here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

City Council Fires City Manager

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KIRO reports an AP story that says, quote "Mayor Jack Dovey says the council 'wants to go in a different direction.'"

Yo, Dovey - do share. What direction is that? Back?

Was Neal Beets too progressive? Too big-city? I suppose this does open the door for former Assistant City Manager, former Acting City Manager, current Federal Way resident and friend of mine Derek Matheson who's been working hard as Covington's City Manager.

Would someone please fire our City Council?


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