Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Press Release: New e-waste law likely means the City will be recycling more things in the future

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April 13, 2009

Jeanette Brizendine
Recycling Project Manager

Linda Farmer, APR
Communications & Government Affairs Manager
253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211

New e-waste law likely means the City will be recycling more things in the future

A new Washington State law that requires electronics manufacturers to recycle e-waste—televisions, desktop and laptop computers and monitors—likely means the City of Federal Way will be able to accept more out-of-the-ordinary items at its twice-yearly recycling events.

On March 21 at its Spring Recycling Event at the Twin Lakes Park and Ride, the City saw more than a 30 percent drop in the amount of items brought in for recycling. This year 126,626 tons of recyclables were collected compared to last spring’s total of 201,117 tons. City officials attribute most of that to the new e-waste law, called E-cycle Washington, which took effect in January.

“Decreases are not something normally to be celebrated,” said Jeanette Brizendine, the City’s recycling project manager and event coordinator. “We were at capacity the past couple years with our recycling events, both in the number of cars we could process and the amount of stuff people brought in. Now that the e-waste is being taken care of through this new channel, it frees us up to collect more difficult-to recycle items.”

Brizendine said the City will spend the next couple months researching which new items they’ll add for the Fall Recycling Event, but contenders include window glass, toilets and Styrofoam.

The City holds two free recycling events each year to cover items not typically picked up at the curb such as appliances, scrap metal, clean wood, bulky yard debris, petroleum products, tires, batteries, holiday light strands, rigid plastic, CD/DVD players, cell phones, scanners and computer peripherals not covered by the e-waste law including keyboards, mice and printers.

E-cycle Washington is an example of "producer responsibility," where the company that makes a product is responsible for recycling the product at the end of its life. Manufacturers include the costs of recycling their products in the cost of doing business. Residents can Call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit 1800recycle.wa.gov to find electronic product recycling services.

The next City-sponsored recycling event will be Sept. 19 also at the Twin Lakes Park & Ride. Visit www.cityoffederalway.com/recycling closer to the event to find out what items they’ve added or for more recycling information.




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