Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe's to Close

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The Tacoma News Tribune has a story that Joe's Sports (aka G.I. Joes, located between the closed Circuit City and Costco at Enchanted and the 18) is the latest to fall.  Beginning today, all 31 stores are being liquidated and closing after entering bankruptcy a month ago and being unable to find a buyer.

I never visited G.I. Joe's.   Having never heard of the store before moving to Federal Way, I didn't know exactly what it was, and with its uninviting front entrance that reminded me more of Space Mountain, I figured it must be some musty, dusty old Army/Navy surplus store.  It didn't help any that it was tucked way back in the corner next to the Circuit City "Refurbished large screen TVs " outlet store in a typically empty, garbage strewn parking lot. 

Maybe that entire corner can be bulldozed and sold to the state to improve the triangle.  (Shari's can go, too, for that matter.  Most of their food is prepared elsewhere and reheated onsite.  Or at least that's our assumption after eating pie several times that had obviously been frozen and thawed, and after ordering something and asking for it without an ingredient, only to be told that it was already prepared that way at another location and just warmed up at the restaurant.) 



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