Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Incompetence of Inaction

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Federal Way News reports that council voted 4-3 not to widen 312/build an interchange there to the 5.  And then turned around and voted 6-1 not to build on interchange at 324.  Of course, they have a great role model in our governor who decided not to decide on the viaduct.

So far, $2 million has been wasted on this non-project.  Maybe we should have invested it in more sand so we all can stick our heads in it.

It's been said that if Jet Chevrolet were to go away, it would make it much easier to connect 161 and the 5.  I've suggested that Federal Way needed an Auto Row - I like the west side of Pacific Highway north of 344th. - and that Jet Chevrolet should be made a deal to move there.  Anyhow, I had the opportunity to visit Jet Chevrolet the other day.  New cars parked on gravel?  Sometimes I want Federal Way to be a lot more urban and sophisticated than it is.  Anyhow, with GM's troubles, maybe Jet Chevrolet will go away without us needing to do anything.  That would sure help Enchanted Village/Wild Waves, if they could fit in an interchange there...?

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Fed said...

My thoughts exactly. You know what Plan B is? Cram more down 320th, somehow. Uh huh. Failed 1950s suburban design comes to Federal Way to get a new lease on life. Jane Jacobs and Andres Duany are shedding a tear, somewhere.

I ought to get back into posting. After a slow few months seems like there's plenty to whinge about in effdub again.


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