Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FWPD Media Release: Business Presentation of Donation Money for K-9 Ballistic Vest to Police Department

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Type of Incident: Business Presentation of Donation Money for K-9 Ballistic Vest to Police Department
Date of Incident: March 16, 2009

In January 2009, the Crestwood Animal Hospital, located at 28822 Pacific Hwy S in Federal Way, began a fundraiser to purchase a custom-fitted ballistic/bulletproof vest for one of the Federal Way Police Department’s Generalist K-9 Officers. The ballistic vest for K-9 Officer “Fax”, whose handler is Officer Matt Novak, costs approximately $3000. With the assistance of several area businesses, a local elementary school, and a private citizen from the local area, enough money has been raised to purchase this needed equipment. Fax is a 2-year-old German Shepherd and has worked with the police department for a little more than a year.

In 2008, Federal Way's K-9 generalist dogs were used more than 200 times, to include over 50 captures while locating vital evidence numerous times. Without the use of these valuable tools, numerous suspects would have escaped and crimes gone unsolved. According to Officer Novak, “Veterinary Technician Jennifer Ives at Crestwood was the reason this campaign was so successful. She developed the flyers for the drive and then made all of the donation jars. I sincerely thank her for her support of the Federal Way Police K-9 Program.”

Along with the Crestwood Animal Hospital, the following Federal Way businesses also took part in the collection of donations for this worthy cause; Jump Start Espresso (29005 Military Road S), the New Lumber & Hardware Co. (30854 Pacific Highway S), the Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital (1060 SW 320th Street), the Splish Splash Doggy Bath (606 SW Dash Point Road #B), the Cascade Veterinary Hospital (804 S 324th Place), A Small Animal Hospital (1115 S. 347th Place), Marlene's Market and Deli (2565 S Gateway Center Place), Sacajawea Healthcare for Pets (1530 S Dash Point Road), All Martial Arts Supplies (29225 Pacific Highway S), and The Wine Basket (2118 S 314th Street).

Two businesses located in the City of Kent, Pet Country (26120 Pacific Highway S) and Paws & Claws Pet Salon (24823 Pacific Highway S #105), also collected donations.

One citizen of Federal Way made a single donation of $500. Impressed with the high level of service and compassion she was provided on a call concerning her service dog, Ms. Ayako Gibbs, felt compelled to make this large contribution.

One area school also got involved when Officer Novak and Fax visited a local kindergarten class. Mrs. Jeanne Epp’s class at Lake Dolloff Elementary, who heard about the fundraiser for Fax, incorporated the drive into a public service project with her students. Mrs. Epp stated, “The children are earning money at home by doing chores and later donated the money to the fundraiser at Crestwood. Our motto for our class is ‘Always Be Kind!’” Epp continued stating, “They are learning the value of working and giving, which is a wonderful lesson for my children.” Novak and Fax later returned to the classroom where each student presented all of the coins they had earned doing chores. Mrs. Epp reported $171.49 was donated by her students for Fax’s vest.

“This is just another example of our great community coming together to meet a need,” said Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson. “The fact that one of our citizens noticed the high level of service commonly provided by our officers makes such a large donation like this even more impressive,” said Wilson.

Dr. Norstrem of the Crestwood Animal Hospital will make a presentation of the donated money to Fax, Officer Novak, and the Federal Way Police Department. The presentation will take place at the Federal Way City Council Regular Meeting on March 17th, 2009. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 33325 8th Ave S in Federal Way, and the presentation take place shortly after.

Please join us while we thank the efforts of the Crestwood Animal Hospital, other area businesses, Mrs. Epp’s kindergarten class, and Ms. Gibbs on their collective efforts.


Approved by: Chief Brian Wilson Date & Time: 03/16/09 @ 1330 Hours
Released by: Raymond Bunk, Public Information Officer Date & Time: 03/16/09 @ 1335 Hours Pager – 206-916-1139



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