Sunday, February 15, 2009

Federal Way Protest Against Crime - March 31

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I noticed a few weeks ago that Federal Way had a new blogger: Only one post so far, a call to a protest at the end of March. The blog had no way to contact the author of the only post. Fortunately, the blog's owner, Tyler, contacted me.

For those of my readers in the media and local law enforcement, I hope that you will help spread the word to other media outlets so that we can get broad Puget Sound coverage on this event.


My name is Tyler Young and I am organizing a protest in Federal Way, March 31st 2009 4:00 pm, at the Federal Way mall, The Commons, formerly known as the Sea Tac Mall.

We are protesting our local government (the Federal Way city council) because they are not training and hiring enough police officers and funding police well enough to protect Federal Way citizens.

Our local newspaper the Federal Way Mirror is covering the event and will have a letter to the editor published in an upcoming edition, which you verify by contacting the paper.

Please mention our event on your blog! I'd be very happy if you would add this link so that other can learn more about the event:

Thank You - Tyler Young



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