Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tacoma: Clean and Safe Initiative a twist on urban renewal

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This excellent and inspiring article's been sitting in my email inbox for months waiting for me to post it. It's just amazing what happens when someone puts forth an audacious goal, challenges people to say it's not a good idea, and then when everyone (obviously) agrees it's a good idea, then throws it back at them: "Ok, how will you accomplish this goal? You have no budget. Go." (Reminds me a favorite quote: Creativity happens when you begin slashing zeroes off the budget.)

THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM -- In late April, Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson called city workers together and set a 14-month goal of reducing crime by 50 percent and making the city cleaner. Prettier, even. It’s an ambitious goal, especially since there is no extra funding for it. But the Clean and Safe Initiative has some neighborhoods buzzing with possibilities, and some city workers finding new ways to do more. More...



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