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City’s utility tax rebate benefits low-income disabled, low-income seniors

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December 22, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR
Communications & Government Affairs Manager
253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211

Krystal Roe
Deputy City Clerk

City’s utility tax rebate benefits low-income disabled, low-income seniors

Low-income disabled persons and low-income senior citizens can once again seek a rebate for their utility taxes thanks to the City of Federal Way’s Utility Tax Rebate Program. Low-income seniors have qualified for the program since its inception in 2003 while disabled citizens were eligible for the first time last year.

The rebate program, which helped about 55 seniors and 20 disabled citizens last year, covers the City’s portion (7.75%) of tax on utilities -- gas, electricity, telephone, cell phones, pagers, garbage/recycling, and cable TV charges. Rebates average $133, actual amounts vary depending on household utility consumption. Taxes on wastewater/water charges are not eligible.

Participants must live within city limits and meet the federal government’s maximum allowable income limits. The income limit has been increased to $28,500 for a one-person household, $32,550 for two, $36,650 for three, and $40,700 for four-person families. Required documents include a tax return or bank statements, and the customer’s complete, original utility bills.

Low-income seniors must be 65 or older. Low-income disabled must establish disability status for all or part of 2008 by providing one of the following: proof of Social Security disability income, proof of supplemental security income or a physician’s disability certificate.

Applications will be accepted Jan. 2 through April 30, 2009. They are available for download at www.cityoffederalway.com by clicking on “Forms and Applications,” can be picked up at City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S.; or will be mailed to you by request at 253.835.2541.

For general questions or a more comprehensive explanation of the requirements, contact the City Clerk’s office, 253.835.2541.



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