Friday, November 7, 2008

Elimination of Horse Farms

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According to Vote No, changes to Department of Revenue rules mean that owning a horse farm in an unincorporated urban area (which Unincorporated Federal Way is) could become cost prohibitive in the near future.

Vote No is concerned that this will lead to more people selling to developers. And in this case, I'm going to share his concern. The last thing we need is more developers getting their hands on unincorporated land. Because we know that King Count faces a shortfall and wants to be rid of these lands. If it can't be rid of them because the citizens refuse to incorporate or join an existing incorporated city, then it may as well punish them and make life miserable (as No suggests the horse farm rule change is); but I don't see it stopping there. I also see the county doing the bare minimum in terms of support for new developments (with regards to infrastructure) and it see them doing it without any regards to long-term planning or livability. Look at Federal Way and how we're stuck with insufficient east-west channels because development was allowed to run rampant without any regard to long-term planning back when the county arguably did care.

Between that and all the cuts projected, it seems like a losing battle.



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