Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Federal Way says ‘thanks a ton’ for donating 37 tons of food in September

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October 15, 2008

Tricia Schug
Community Relations Manager
Multi-Service Center
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Jack Dovey
City of Federal Way

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Media Relations
Waste Management

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City of Federal Way
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Federal Way says ‘thanks a ton’ for donating 37 tons of food in September

When Federal Way Mayor Jack Dovey took this year’s Mayor’s Day of Concern and turned it into a month-long call for community food donations, he never could have imagined the literally tons of food that would be donated and the outpouring of community support.

Through food donations at local grocery stores, food drives at local organizations and a city-wide curbside pick-up, thanks to Waste Management, Federal Way residents donated 3,701 bags of food, totaling 74,020 pounds and valued at $111,030. More than $5,000 cash was also donated.

The food donations, which benefit the Multi-Service Center’s (MSC) Federal Way Food Bank, will feed 3,600 families for six weeks and is an increase of 252% from donations this time last year.

“I feel so honored to live in a city that steps up like this to help people in need,” said Linda Purlee, director, MSC Food Bank. “During these difficult economic times, when we’re seeing up to 60 new people at the food bank each week, we have been stretched to keep up with the demand. This drive has given us a significant boost in the amount of food we can distribute to people who really need it.”

The Mayor issued a food drive challenge to four “teams”: service groups/clubs, Federal Way schools, faith-based organizations, and businesses to see who could raise the most money, bring in the most food and/or donate the most volunteer hours by the end of the day on Sept. 27. The winners and the value of their donations and volunteer hours are:
  • Service Group - Youth Ecology, $1,620
  • School - Todd Beamer High School, $1,205
  • Faith-Based – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, $11,065
  • Business - EPI Realty, $1,000
These winners will each receive a shiny trophy and be recognized at the Oct. 21 City Council meeting.

The mayor also challenged individuals to donate “curbside” by putting out bagged food next to their garbage container on their regular pick-up day. Federal Way’s solid waste hauler, Waste Management, picked up 50,000 pounds of food from its 17,000 customers in the city between Sept. 22 and 26. The food, valued at $75,000 was picked up by a non-garbage truck.

"Waste Management is pleased to have partnered with the Mayor's Day of Concern and contribute our collection resources for such a worthy cause,” said Laura Moser, community relations manager for Waste Management. “We believe in the mission of the Multi-Service Center and are appreciative of the services they provide to South King County. We are thankful so many of our customers took advantage of the opportunity to support fellow community members in need of assistance."

Mayor Jack Dovey was overwhelmed by the results and proud to be part of such a generous and supportive community. “I want to personally thank everyone who helped with the food drive.

Whether you donated one can of soup or bags full of groceries, you helped make a difference in our community.”

Dovey also wants to thank everyone who participated, “A huge thank you to all our winning organizations, and especially Waste Management for volunteering their equipment and their employees to pick up donations curbside. Without their help, we wouldn’t have nearly as many donations or, more importantly, been able to feed as many local families.”

More than 20 cities throughout King County organize similar food drives each fall. Last year, Federal Way’s effort collected 6,460 pounds of food and $814 in donations.

The MSC Federal Way Food Bank serves families and individuals living within the bounds of the Federal Way School District, and is one of the largest food banks in South King County. Open three days a week, the food bank serves elderly on fixed incomes, unemployed and underemployed families, homeless individuals and immigrant families. 47% are children. The food bank is operated by the Multi-Service Center, an independent, nonprofit organization based in Federal Way that offers comprehensive services to help people become more self-sufficient.

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