Friday, September 19, 2008

Federal Way On Hold

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My wife recently signed up for a class offered by the city.  It took a couple of calls to get all the details ironed out.  Every time after getting off the phone, she'd tell me "You have to call the city and listen to the hold music."

Well, here it is. (Clicking link will immediately download/open the M3U (mp3) file.)

I know that someone worked hard on this.  And I know they're a police officer here in Federal Way.  And I know that one or more of our city's police officers read this blog so I'm hesitant to really say much about it.

So I'll leave it up to the readers to submit their thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

By way of comparison: Move to Bremerton - though it seems most of the footage is either in Seattle or on the ferry for some reason.

Anonymous said...

That song is really redneck.

FWay is the 8th largest city in the state and if we do things like this who can take us seriously? We need to step up and have a more professional image if were about to launch a campaign to attract more companys to come here.

That video doesnt show bremerton because its an ugly city. At least Fedeal Way has some nice looking areas.

Jodi said...



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