Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Save Northeast Tacoma

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Ah, NE Tacoma... Southwest Federal Way on the wrong side of a really odd county line.  The place where the power stays when we have sustained winds higher than 5 miles per hour.  I made the mistake again today of driving home from work on Campus, Etc.*   It was mostly an ok drive until it got down to one lane after Kindercare.  (The one next to the pizza place, not the one next to Starbucks.)  Then it was a slow crawl over the hill stop and go at 5 MPH.  Painful.  Bitterly, I wished they would just plop all those houses on the golf course.  Because then maybe Federal Way would have to do something about the (in my opinion) insufficient East-West corridors that suffer from insufficent capacity.  At least make 340th. two lanes all the way to North Shore.  Later on Northshore it does become two lanes again.  (Although wishful thinking would run an elevated 18 all the way to Northshore with local access underneath.)

*What do people call this street?  Because Slayden/51st/Cheney/12th/340/336/Campus/348/18(Auburn-Echo Lake Cut-off)/Snoqualmie is a bit much.


FederalWayan said...

Tacoma should turn the whole area over to FW. NE Tacoma has little connection to the rest of Tacoma, largely being that the Port is between it and the core of the city. Most people in that area consider themselves Federal Way more than Tacoma and certainly do more of their regular commerce and commuting here than there.

The upswing is that FW could then have outright authority to approve or deny things like the North Shore Golf Course development or a SR18 extension.

The downswing is that everyone in NE Tacoma will have to get out their tape measures and decibel meters for fear of Federal Way's code compliance regime.


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