Thursday, September 25, 2008

Citizen survey available online September 29-October 17

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September 25, 2008

 Linda Farmer, APR
Communications & Government Affairs Manager
253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211

Citizen survey available online September 29-October 17

The City of Federal Way’s first-ever citizen survey will be available via the Web Sept. 29 through Oct. 17. You need not be a Federal Way resident to take the survey, but most questions are designed with residential services and experiences in mind. Set aside about 20 minutes and tell the City what’s working and what isn’t. Find the survey at

The online questionnaire is part of a larger effort by the City to conduct a scientifically valid survey of its citizens. Earlier this summer, the City’s contractor on the project, the National Research Center out of Boulder, Colo., randomly sampled 3,000 Federal Way households by mail and another 400 households by phone. Once the online portion of the survey is completed, NRC will combine the results and present a report to the City Council later this fall.

Satisfaction with City services, public transportation, diversity, sense of community, rate of growth, quality of life issues and more are all up for comment. The City will use the results to improve services and drive its yearly strategic planning and budget processes. The results will be compiled and presented to the City this fall.

  • Hardcopy surveys mailed: Aug. 4-15
  • Telephone calls conducted: Sept. 2-16
  • Web survey open: Sept. 29-Oct. 17

For more information contact Linda Farmer, Communications and Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411, or

Successful Schools: Families Matter -- Federal Way (Video)

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YOUTUBE.COM -- The Federal Way School District near Seattle was looking for ways to get more middle school students to meet academic standards. It reached out to the community for help. Together, the district and community leaders developed the Heritage Leadership Camp for male students to promote leadership and academic excellence. (This is one of three segments from the DVD, "Successful Schools: Families Matter," produced by the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning at OSPI in Washington State. Learn more at

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Save Northeast Tacoma

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Ah, NE Tacoma... Southwest Federal Way on the wrong side of a really odd county line.  The place where the power stays when we have sustained winds higher than 5 miles per hour.  I made the mistake again today of driving home from work on Campus, Etc.*   It was mostly an ok drive until it got down to one lane after Kindercare.  (The one next to the pizza place, not the one next to Starbucks.)  Then it was a slow crawl over the hill stop and go at 5 MPH.  Painful.  Bitterly, I wished they would just plop all those houses on the golf course.  Because then maybe Federal Way would have to do something about the (in my opinion) insufficient East-West corridors that suffer from insufficent capacity.  At least make 340th. two lanes all the way to North Shore.  Later on Northshore it does become two lanes again.  (Although wishful thinking would run an elevated 18 all the way to Northshore with local access underneath.)

*What do people call this street?  Because Slayden/51st/Cheney/12th/340/336/Campus/348/18(Auburn-Echo Lake Cut-off)/Snoqualmie is a bit much.

Town Center

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HugeAssCity has a long piece about Town Centers.  Symphony gets mentioned, but it's kind of a yawner compared to some of the other local town centers.  I do hope Symphony can get restarted though, it really would offer the promise of a cornerstone a much grander future for Federal Way.  I think we blew it up tucking our local government offices and community center off in a dusty corner, and we haven't yet convinced KCLS to put a library over where we hope to eventually have a downtown, but some of that can eventually be rectified.  Maybe put the performing arts center over there, maybe eventually move the governmental presence, get a library, get the light rail, etc., etc.  Still a big chance for future potential.

Federal Way Job Openings - Sept. 23, 2008

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Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services

  • Aquatics Instructor/Federal Way Community Center - Temporary, Part Time - $10.25 - $12.25/hour DOE (When filled)
  • Building Supervisor - Federal Way Community Center - Temporary, Part Time - $8.50-$10.50/hr DOQ (Open until filled)
  • Climbing Wall Attendant - Temporary, Part Time - $9.00-$10.00/hour (When Filled)
  • Custodian - Part-time, Community Center - Temporary, Part Time - $8.50 - $10.50/hr (When filled)
  • Fitness Instructor- Pilates/Yoga - Temporary, Part Time - $20.00/HR doq (When filled)
  • Instructor - Cycling/Step/Kickboxing/Weight Lift - Temporary, Part Time - $15.00 - $25.00/hour DOQ (When Filled)
  • Instructors-Dog Obedience/Foreign Language/Cooking - Temporary, Part Time - $15.00-$25.00/HR DOE (When Filled)
  • Lifeguard/Federal Way Community Center - Temporary, Part Time - $9.25 – $11.25/hour DOE (When filled)
  • Office Technician 2 - Regular, Full Time - $2,748 - $3,480 DOQ (09/26/2008)
  • Weight Room Attendant - Temporary, Part Time - $9.00 - $12.00/hour DOQ (When Filled)
Police Department
  • Police Officer - Lateral - Regular, Full Time - $4,236-$5,684/month* DOQ (11/15/2008)
Public Works
  • Director, Public Works - Regular, Full Time - $10,000/MO DOE (Until Filled)
  • Senior Traffic Engineer - Regular, Full Time - $5,624 - $7,122/mo DOQ (When filled)
See the city website for more details on how to apply for any of these positions.  (Indicates how long position will remain open.)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Federal Way On Hold

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My wife recently signed up for a class offered by the city.  It took a couple of calls to get all the details ironed out.  Every time after getting off the phone, she'd tell me "You have to call the city and listen to the hold music."

Well, here it is. (Clicking link will immediately download/open the M3U (mp3) file.)

I know that someone worked hard on this.  And I know they're a police officer here in Federal Way.  And I know that one or more of our city's police officers read this blog so I'm hesitant to really say much about it.

So I'll leave it up to the readers to submit their thoughts below.


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