Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Twin Lakes Post Office (301)

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Ah, graffiti season seems to have begun anew.  I'm starting to get your emails again (I've got a few to post and one or two to go out and try to take photos of) and discovered this myself yesterday morning at the post office (map) not too long after the woman who opens the post office up each morning discovered it.   One graces the front door as big as life and another the brick wall to the left.  (She was wondering if she needed to wander around the entire building to look for more.)

So people often ask why I'mso anti-graffiti.  Should we just accept it as part of our rite of passage into big-city-dom?   I don't think so.  When you're in downtown Seattle, the graffiti fits the scale of things.  When you have towers rising 20, 30, 40 stories in the air, graffiti on the side of a dumpy concrete building makes sense.  It's someone trying to make a mark on a world so much larger than themselves.

But here in our tiny little town, it's just plain unnecessary.  And I know that it's for that very reason that it's done.

So here's my idea... why can't these artists at least doing something that (a) beautifies an otherwise ugly concrete wall or (b) entertains us?   For instance, instead of some angry scrawl that looks like a smashed spider, what if the tagger had painted "Buy some stamps, yo." or something?   It would probably stay on the wall longer and bring a smile to the face of everyone who pulled into the post office parking lot. 



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