Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rural Crime

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In the course of the past 8 days, friends of mine have had their house broken into and possessions stolen twice. Including a laptop containing all the photos of their daughter since birth, family heirlooms and special gifts. And electronics loaned to them after the first burglary by other friends of ours. And a laptop belonging to a non-profit. Oh, and their passports, including the toddler's. They've had to cancel their planned vacation to Canada. They'll also be out $2,000 since the insurance counts each incident separately and leaves them on the line for the deductible. (If anyone wants to donate any money towards their deductible, let me know and I'll tell you how to get money to them.)

I feel really bad. I told then when they were looking for a home "We were misled by a realtor in the past and ended up buying a home in an unincorporated area. Never again. But this is different! If you buy in unincorporated Federal Way now, there's going to be a vote and they'll annex that area. You'll get all the benefits of the city but you'll pay less because you bought before incorporation. Automatic bump in the value of your home!"

Now I'm not egotistical enough to believe they purchased where they did solely because of what I said. I'm sure they had a competent realtor, they had budget constraints and the house they purchased had been flipped and looked very nice throughout.

It just angers me so much. Of all the people it could have happened to. In some ways, I want to blame the people who worked so hard to defeat the annexation vote. I know a yes vote wouldn't have ultimately resulted in a major change in the area or even have caused anything to occur yet, but I imagine that because of the no vote, the area will only continue to decline as the county cuts more and more services. Your "no" vote was a vote of ignorance and you're going to drag everyone else down with you.

Like I said, I've lived before in an unincorporated area. I know what it's like to have the sheriff's call center just tell you that they're not going to respond, that the in-progress crime isn't significant enough and that they don't have any officers available to respond.

Could not have happened to less deserving people.



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