Sunday, July 20, 2008


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FWBlog notes that United Properties has asked for an extension on the purchase and development of the AMC Property.  I thought it had originally been FederalWayan who pointed to UP's own spotty record in the past as far as going through with announced projects, but I can't find it tonight.  (Will someone prod the Wayan?  Or has FW gotten too dull for them to even comment on lately?)  Anyhow, FWB nails it:

Given the close proximity to the city’s core and transit center, nothing less that what has been proposed should move forward.


tvjames said...

Update: It was this site, linking to an article on The Tacoma News Tribune's website about United Properties' past financial troubles.

tvjames said...

And here's FW's Press Release (PDF) on the subject.


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