Thursday, July 31, 2008

75 More We Can't Have

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The new addition at Westfield Southcenter (Tukwilla) opened this past weekend.  Having seen another mall go through a Westfield update, I had high expectations and I was not disappointed.  Already a decent mall, the addition is pretty impressive.

I saw only one sign with a cheap looking sign, a stuffed animal store called "Okie Dokie."   It would have fit right in at our dismal hulk of that space where the bathrooms are located for the the Farmer's Market at 320th. and 99.

I was wondering... could the City of Federal Way use imminent domain and seize the land where the Commons is located so that the land could be used to, oh, I don't know... build a mall?  (I wrote to Westfield shortly after moving here two years ago, begging them to purchase The Commons.  They responded saying they were always looking for new properties to develop, but to date, they have not taken me up on the suggestion.)



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