Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your Turn: Education

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With all of the debate around education in Federal Way this past year, I felt one voice was really missing from the discourse, what little of it I was able to follow. (I am, admittedly, way behind on my Mirror reading.)  I had been engaged in a private discussion with one of FWPS's more outspoken critics, but it left me feeling really deflated and made me think that a lot of the public debate had gotten off-track.

I do not know any teachers in Federal Way, save for our daughter's preschool teacher.  So I contacted four teachers I do know... two friends in Pasadena, Calif. teaching at Pasadena area public schools, my college-roommate currently teaching at a private school in San Diego, Calif., and my brother teaching at a local school district, asking for their thoughts on a number of topics.

To of them took me up on the challenge and their essays come next.  But, since in the end, the focus of this blog is Federal Way, I'd love to hear what you think.  Especially if you are a teacher or educator here in Federal Way.  As always, all posts are open to comments, or you can contact me directly at

To provide a basic direction, I asked them to write on the following topics, but please feel free to submit your thoughts on any aspect of education.  (As always, comments are moderated and published at my discretion.)

The topics I asked them to consider were:

a) about your philosophy of teaching
b) the future of teaching and education
c) and the role, if any, of technology in the classroom  (is the rapid pace of technology having an effect on education, and if so, what? and if negative, what is the solultion?)
d) and what effects, if any, you think personal dress have on education (if negative, what is solution?)
e) what effects, if any, you think media/popular culture have on education (if negative, what is solution?)
and lastly
f) the general trends in education (good and bad) and what can be done by teachers, parents, students, communities to embrace the good and resist the bad
The ultimate goal of this blog is to celebrate Federal Way, so while I know there are plenty of thoughts on what's wrong with FWPS, there has got to be plenty going right.  (Friends rave of the public academy.)  So, teachers, educators, parents, students... let's hear your thoughts on education.   (Yeah, I realize the potential irony of this being the middle of summer vacation.  The timing is what it is.)



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