Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kudos to FW Schools

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There's always some debates in churches about whether to send students to private school or public school. Christian parents say that they don't want their children exposed to a perceived liberal bias amongst public schools. Others in the church argue that they cannot be witness by their life if they are sequestered to live a life amongst only those who think as they do.

Usually the worse the school or school district, the louder the debate as more and more parents seek to enroll their children into private schools.

This morning in church they recognized the graduating High School Seniors and there was probably 15 or so of them in our little church and only one had attended a private Christian school, the rest attended local public High Schools, all but two of them right here in Federal Way.

I think that should speak volumes about the quality of Federal Way Schools... they are delivering a quality education in an environment that Christian parents feel safe allowing their kids to be a part of.

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What does "Graduation" mean?

Just "graduating" from high school isn't a criteria for excellence.

In fact there isn't a high school in Federal Way that rates in the top quarter at UW and none make the Newsweek list of the finest high schools.

Perhaps you are not looking at the real situation that causes well paying employers to pass up Federal Way as a place to locate.


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