Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fine Art vs. Graffiti

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Interesting... one of these is in a museum, one of these was done illegally on a wall. In a recent survey, 90% could tell the difference, but 56% would rather hang the graffiti in a frame on their wall. Proof that the true artists are wasting their time dodging cops and ticking people off. Here's an idea for someone with some venture capital... a studio or art gallery line made up entirely of works of art by apprehended street artists. The gallery commissions the works of art. The proceeds (minus overhead and supplies) goes towards their fine and painting over their graffiti. Leftover goes to the gallery.

Of course, 99% of the stuff in Federal Way's not good enough. All we have is people doing quick frowny faces or the word "eb" or "kcfoo"




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