Sunday, March 9, 2008

Down on the Boardwalk

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The Boardwalk in the West Hybelos Wetland Park reopened recently. (Photos, Videos)

I visited back in back in June before it was closed for renovations. I recently had to get away and quickly headed over for a short break. It really looks nice. Too nice? Not sure that's possible. The old one did feature a more "home-made" look with planks of different widths and stuff. But the new boardwalk really looks good. It's a little higher off the ground in a few places, but it's supposed to feature a new system that's better for the underlying bog, as well as be constructed from materials that will last much longer than the old wooden structure did (and possibly fare better in a major storm?).

The new path looks really good and seems to follow the same track as the old one, about a mile in length. The new path also features more benches than the previous boardwalk.

New bridges look very sharp. (Well, not sharp since edges have been sanded.)
In one place, a really long and windy bridge survives. I really like this bridge.

The new Brook Lake vista is much superior to the old. Much closer to the lake, with places to sit
Near the entrance to the park there is what appears to be a second path, complete with foliage description plaques. However, the path quickly disappears and you're left in several clearings littered with lots and lots of large empties of a really cheap brand of beer. Either this area wasn't cleaned up when the park was cleaned before reopening, or lots of kids come here to drink lots of cheap beer.

There were construction photos on HyleBlog earlier this summer, but I can't find them. (Chris - why no search on HyleBlog or Blog from the Bog? Can you please post a link in the comments back to them?)

I really recommend the boardwalk. You can walk it quickly, and when you're out in it, you can barely hear the small murmur of traffic. There is lots of beauty and calm, a very peaceful place. And to give you an idea of just how big the storm was a few years ago that damaged the park, at one point, you come across a large section of the original boardwalk, connected to a large rootball from a big tree that had fallen over. (Find it on the map.)


FedWayan said...

Earth Day's coming up. Perhaps a park cleanup could be organized for then.


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