Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Little Less Safe

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My family was the victim of a rather unpleasant, though petty, crime today. I can't say much about it, but I am grateful to the fast work, not to mention gentle and compassionate handling of the situation by the Federal Way Police Department. I am also amazed by the fast work that brought the efforts of an anonymous samaritan, the management of WinCo and the Federal Way Police all into alignment over a crime that happened elsewhere. Also props to the managers of the Gateway Cinemas theaters and the staff of the King County Regional Library.

Sadly, thanks to the work of some underaged criminals who roam our streets, we'll be sleeping a little less soundly and it's going to take quite a bit of work and some money we don't have to get things back to almost normal. Some of the feeling of security -- the innocence -- is stripped away, never to return.


FedWayan said...

Sorry to hear something bad happened to you and yours. Sort of curious to know what happened, in case me & mine should be looking out for something. Hope no one was seriously hurt.

Anonymous said...

I continue to suggest that we need to make this city less welcoming to these kinds. I also have had such an experience and the papers are full of them every week.

If this place were more hostile to these kind, curfew would be helpful if there was a storage place for the violators, as an example.

Charlie Hoff, LOBT


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