Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FWPD Media Release -- Homicide Investigation Update (Fifth Release)

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This press release (click through to view) just really annoys me to no end. Here we have some guy who shot someone. It turned out to be the wrong person, but that wrong person died. A massive manhunt ensued. The wrong person was identified, voluntarily turned himself in, and was later released. The correct person was identified and voluntarily turned himself in.

The press release features "Arrested" and the date across the release in Microsoft Word's Word Art. On one hand, it seems to make a bigger deal than it is. It's not like we went and found this guy. He turned himself in (though I'm not making a big deal out of that - I know we had a lot of hard-working, dedicated detectives and officers working the case.)

But this use of Word Art... it's so disgusting. It's so low rent that it just seems to scream "tacky" and "unsophisticated" and "unprofessional." To me, it just helps foster the "hicktown" reputation our city has. This is the font you use to let everyone know that "Myrtle won this week's raffle!" in your small business newsletter, not the way you announce an arrest of an (alledged) murderer in a press release put out by your top notch police force in your major metropolis.

Linda - please read them the riot act over this! It makes us all look bad. Gag.

Source: http://www.cityoffederalway.com/Attachment.ashx?id=825 (PDF)

FWPD Media Release -- Homicide Investigation Update (Fifth Release)
Type of Incident: Homicide Investigation Update
Date of Incident: January 18, 2008
Date of Release: February 9, 2008
Case No.: 08-885
******* UPDATE *******
On 02-09-2008 Proctor turned himself into to officers. He was arrested and
booked into jail.
The Federal Way Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of
Glenn C. Proctor for the murder of Darrel L. Miller at the Federal Way
Transit Center on 011808. This is a result of an intensive investigation with the
assistance of multiple agencies. Proctor used a handgun to commit this murder
and is to be considered Armed and Dangerous. Anyone with information as to
his location or about this shooting is encouraged to
call 9-1-1.
Homicide Suspect
Glenn C. Proctor
6’00" 165 lbs. B/M
Armed and Dangerous
Approved by: Acting Commander Tracy Grossnickle Date & Time: 02-09-08 / 1700 hours
Released by: _Acting Commander Tracy Grossnickle Date & Time: 02-09-08 / 1700 hours__


FedWayan said...

Every self-respecting corporate government knows you're supposed to use a thick red blotchy "ARRESTED" in a big rectangle diagonally across the suspect's face.


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