Thursday, February 28, 2008

FWPD Media Releases (3) - Shooting Investigation

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FWPD Media Release - Shooting Investigation - First Release
Type of Incident: Shooting Investigation
Date of Incident: February 24, 2008
Case No.: 08-2605

On February 24, 2008, at approximately 3:45 PM, officers were dispatched to the area of 288th & Military Rd S on a report of shots fired. A passerby reported 4 to 5 gunshots and several juveniles running from the area in multiple directions.

When officers arrived two juvenile males were discovered with gunshot wounds, both victims are 16 yrs old. They were both in stable condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Witnesses at the scene reported that prior to officers’ arrival there were 10 to 15 juveniles fighting in the area prior to the shooting.

Police officers arrived on scene within two minutes of the 911 call. The FWPD is committed to conducting a thorough investigation in order to identify and apprehend the people responsible for the shooting.

Federal Way Criminal Investigation Section is currently interviewing witnesses in case. Federal Way Police Department encourages anyone who has any information regarding this incident to contact Detective Thaddeus Hodge 253-835-6764 or call 9-1-1.

There is no further information pertaining to this incident at this time.
Approved by: Commander Stephan Neal Date & Time: 02/24/08 @ 1816 Hours
Released by: Cathy Schrock, Support Services Manager Date & Time: 02/24/08 @ 1816 Hours
Pager: 206-916-1139

Source: (PDF)
FWPD Media Release - Shooting Investigation - Second Release
Type of Incident: Shooting Investigation -- UPDATE
Date of Incident: February 24, 2008
Date of Release: February 25, 2008
Case No.: 08-2605

On February 24, 2008, at approximately 3:45 PM, officers were dispatched to the area of 288th & Military Rd S on a report of shots fired. A passerby reported 4 to 5 gunshots and several juveniles running from the
area in multiple directions.

Two juvenile males were victims of gunshot wounds. Both victims are 16 yrs old and were treated for their injuries at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and released.

The Federal Way Criminal Investigation Unit has contacted and interviewed several witnesses in this incident. Due to the cooperation of the witnesses the investigation has proceeded rapidly.

The Federal Way Police have identified a 16 yr old black male suspect as the shooter in this case and detectives are currently attempting to locate him.

Year of Birth: 1991
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

The weapon used in this crime has not been recovered and this individual should be considered armed and dangerous.

The Federal Way Police Department is committed to conducting a thorough and complete investigation to determine the facts and circumstances leading to this shooting. The Federal Way Police Department is requesting the assistance of the public. We encourage any citizen who may have information regarding this individual or may have witnessed this incident to contact our agency by calling Detective Hodge at (253) 835-6764 or Detective Howell at (253) 835-6723 or by dialing 9-1-1.

There is no further information pertaining to this incident at this time.
Approved by: Commander Stan McCall Date & Time: 02/25/08 @ 1500 Hrs
Released by: Cathy Schrock, Support Services Manager Date & Time: 02/25/08 @ 1500 Hrs
Pager: 206-916-1139

Source: (PDF)
FWPD Media Release - Shooting Investigation - Third Release
Type of Incident: Shooting Investigation -- UPDATE
Date of Incident: February 24, 2008
Date of Release: February 25, 2008
Case No.: 08-2605

The Federal Way Police Department would like to express their appreciation to the various media outlets and the public for their cooperation and support involving this case. As a result of media coverage on February 24 & 25, 2008, a 16 yr old black male suspect identified as the shooter in this case has turned himself into Detectives at the Federal Way Police Department and is currently being interviewed.

Release of the juvenile’s name and photograph will be available after charges have been filed with the King County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

On February 24, 2008, at approximately 3:45 PM, officers were dispatched to the area of 288th & Military Rd S on a report of shots fired. A passerby reported 4 to 5 gunshots and several juveniles running from the area in multiple directions.

Two juvenile males were victims of gunshot wounds. Both victims are 16 yrs old and were treated for their injuries at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and released.

The weapon used in this crime has not been recovered.

This investigation is still active, we encourage any citizen who may have information regarding this individual or may have witnessed this incident to contact our agency by calling Detective Hodge at (253) 835-6764 or Detective Howell at (253) 835-6723 or by dialing 9-1-1.

There is no further information pertaining to this incident at this time.
Approved by: Deputy Chief Andy Hwang Date & Time: 02/25/08 @ 1743 Hrs
Released by: Cathy Schrock, Support Services Manager Date & Time: 02/25/08 @ 1743 Hrs
Pager: 206-916-1139

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Press Release: Council confirms FWHS grad Dave Larson as next municipal court judge

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Council confirms FWHS grad Dave Larson as next municipal court judge
The Federal Way City Council tonight unanimously* confirmed the appointment of Dave Larson as the City’s next municipal court judge. Larson, who graduated from Federal Way High School in 1976, will replace Judge Colleen Hartl, who resigned in December.

Larson’s term begins March 3, 2008, and ends Dec. 31, 2009. In November 2009, the position will be up for election with the winner starting his/her term on Jan. 1, 2010.

Larson, most recently known in the community for his work as President of the Federal Way School Board, will resign his post effective Feb. 29. He will also leave the law firm of Williams, Kastner in Tacoma where he practices in the area of complex litigation.

Larson earned an undergraduate degree in public administration from the University of Puget Sound in 1980 and a law degree from Seattle University in 1984. He spent 23 years as a trial attorney, and he has experience as a mediator and arbitrator.

Larson has served as chair of the Federal Way Ethics Commission, as president of the Federal Way Kiwanis Club, and as a youth baseball and football coach.

"I am proud to have been a Federal Way resident now for over 40 years," said Larson. "It is a special honor to be selected as a judge. It is a dream come true for me. But, it is even more special to be placed in this position of service in a community that I am so firmly rooted in.

"I realize that there has been media attention paid to this position, and my only comment on that is that the best thing for our community and this court right now is to move on, to put the past behind us, to heal wounds, and to focus on providing the essential service this court was intended to provide to this community. I look forward to working with Judge Morgan and staff to make this the best municipal court in the state."

Larson goes on to say, "I have enjoyed my service as a member of the Federal Way School Board and I hope that I had a positive impact on the board and our schools during my tenure. I still live here, my sons still go to school here, my wife and I are still involved in the schools here, and I hope that in some small way that I can continue to have a positive impact on Federal Way's schools even if I am not on the board. I am called to serve my community in another way now.

"I am grateful for this new and different opportunity, but I am especially thankful for the opportunity I did have to serve as a board member in one of the finest school districts and communities in this state. I now look forward to serving on what will be the best municipal court in this state."

Federal Way Mayor Jack Dovey supported the appointment. "I’m glad that such a great lawyer and Federal Way resident would step forward. He’s always put the good of the community ahead of any personal agenda."

*The vote was 6-0 with Councilmember Mike Park absent.
Editor’s Note: Dave Larson will not be available for comment regarding this appointment.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 20, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Neal Beets, City Manager, 253.835.2410

FWPD Media Release -- Homicide Investigation Update (Fifth Release)

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This press release (click through to view) just really annoys me to no end. Here we have some guy who shot someone. It turned out to be the wrong person, but that wrong person died. A massive manhunt ensued. The wrong person was identified, voluntarily turned himself in, and was later released. The correct person was identified and voluntarily turned himself in.

The press release features "Arrested" and the date across the release in Microsoft Word's Word Art. On one hand, it seems to make a bigger deal than it is. It's not like we went and found this guy. He turned himself in (though I'm not making a big deal out of that - I know we had a lot of hard-working, dedicated detectives and officers working the case.)

But this use of Word Art... it's so disgusting. It's so low rent that it just seems to scream "tacky" and "unsophisticated" and "unprofessional." To me, it just helps foster the "hicktown" reputation our city has. This is the font you use to let everyone know that "Myrtle won this week's raffle!" in your small business newsletter, not the way you announce an arrest of an (alledged) murderer in a press release put out by your top notch police force in your major metropolis.

Linda - please read them the riot act over this! It makes us all look bad. Gag.

Source: (PDF)

FWPD Media Release -- Homicide Investigation Update (Fifth Release)
Type of Incident: Homicide Investigation Update
Date of Incident: January 18, 2008
Date of Release: February 9, 2008
Case No.: 08-885
******* UPDATE *******
On 02-09-2008 Proctor turned himself into to officers. He was arrested and
booked into jail.
The Federal Way Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of
Glenn C. Proctor for the murder of Darrel L. Miller at the Federal Way
Transit Center on 011808. This is a result of an intensive investigation with the
assistance of multiple agencies. Proctor used a handgun to commit this murder
and is to be considered Armed and Dangerous. Anyone with information as to
his location or about this shooting is encouraged to
call 9-1-1.
Homicide Suspect
Glenn C. Proctor
6’00" 165 lbs. B/M
Armed and Dangerous
Approved by: Acting Commander Tracy Grossnickle Date & Time: 02-09-08 / 1700 hours
Released by: _Acting Commander Tracy Grossnickle Date & Time: 02-09-08 / 1700 hours__

FWPD Media Release -- Suspicious Package

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FWPD Media Release -- Suspicious Package
Type of Incident: Suspicious Package
Date of Incident: February 19, 2008
Case No.: 08-2351

On February 19, 2008, at approximately 11:19 AM, officers received information from an employee of the City of Federal Way regarding a suspicious package left unattended in the City Hall lobby located at 33325 8th Avenue South in Federal Way.

Federal Way Patrol Officers immediately established a perimeter of the area to secure the scene and evacuated all employees and citizens inside City Hall for precautionary measures.

Due to these unusual circumstances, The Federal Way Police Department’s Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) was activated to determine the contents of the package. BDU Officers determined the package contained electrical wiring supplies for a contractor.

All City of Federal Way employees and visitors safely returned to City Hall at approximately 12:30 PM.

There is no further information pertaining to this incident at this time.
Approved by: Commander Stephan Neal Date & Time: 02/19/08 @ 1330 Hours
Released by: Stacy Flores, Public Information Officer Date & Time: 02/19/08 @ 1330 Hours
Pager: 206-916-1139

Press Release: City hosts emergency operations center presentation Feb. 27

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Source: (PDF)

City hosts emergency operations center presentation Feb. 27
Community members interested in how the City of Federal Way will coordinate with area agencies and deploy volunteers during emergencies are invited to an informational presentation from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 27 at City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S., in the
Patrick Maher Room.

The presentation will cover the basics of the City’s Emergency Operations Center as well as the following topics:
  • * The Federal Way emergency management program

  • * Emergency operations center organization and operations

  • * Volunteer emergency worker program
The presentation is free and participants must register in advance. To register or for more information, contact Ray Gross, 253.835.2712 or
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 14, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Ray Gross, Emergency Management Coordinator, 253.835.2712

Press Release: It’s time to apply for 2008 spring Tourism Enhancement Grants

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Source: (PDF)

It’s time to apply for 2008 spring Tourism Enhancement Grants
Did you know the City of Federal Way wants to help showcase your organization and events that are aimed at increasing tourism and overnight stays in Federal Way? More than $50,000 is available for the year through the City’s Tourism Enhancement Grant (TEG) program. TEG is a competitive grant program that supports cultural, arts, sports and community events that will occur in the Federal Way area. The following conditions apply:
  • * Eligible events: All eligible organizations that plan, sponsor or host amateur sporting, arts/cultural events, membership meetings, trainings and conferences, or other events that will bring participants from outside the greater Puget Sound area to Federal Way.

  • * Eligible costs: The grant can only be used for marketing, promotion and advertising of eligible events. Grants cannot cover entry fees, travel, salaries, material items, facility upgrades, capital campaigns or operating expenses.
Past funded events include:
  • * Federal Way Arts Commission Writer’s Conference

  • * Federal Way United Soccer Blast-Off

  • * Kikaha O Ke Kai Annual Outrigger Canoe Sprints

  • * Federal Way Symphony New Year’s Eve Pops Concert

  • * Men’s 45 & Over Fastpitch National Championship Team

  • * Pacific Northwest Association of Master Swimmers

  • * Federal Way Festival Days

  • * Rhododendron Species Foundation
There is no cap on individual grant requests. Funds will be awarded according to the selection criteria. If there is funding leftover after this grant cycle, another cycle will be held in the fall.

Applications are due March 31, 2008. Grants will be awarded by June 2008.

Applications are available at, or are available for pickup at City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S. To request an application be sent to you, call 253.835.2501, or e-mail to
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 14, 2008

MEDIA CONTACT -- Lillian Yeh, Economic Development Assistant, 253.835.2501 or

Press Release: City welcomes new Korean Liaison; seeks first-ever Hispanic Liaison

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Source: (PDF)

City welcomes new Korean Liaison; seeks first-ever Hispanic Liaison
The City of Federal Way welcomes Kyung Jung, the City’s new hire in its long-time Korean Community Liaison position, to help local Korean citizens gain better access to City services. Known as KC to her English speaking colleagues, Jung provides translation services, guides citizens through City procedures, and is working on a Korean community Web site to be part of the City of Federal Way Web site. She also is responsible for coordinating City-led quarterly meetings for the Korean community as well as organizing other Korean-oriented events.

According to the 2000 Census, Federal Way’s Asian population is about 13.3% of the total population, with the Korean community comprising about a third of that number.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Jung has been in the United States for 11 years. She has already received positive feedback from the Korean community about the services she provides and she is enjoying her position. "I’m so glad to be helping the Korean community get better connected with the City," she said.

Jung’s hours are weekdays from 9:10 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. Contact her at 253.835.2605 (Korean), 253.835.2655 (English) or The next quarterly Korean community meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on March 20 in Council Chambers at City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S.

Proficient Spanish speaker sought for Hispanic Liaison position

The Korean Community Liaison program has been so successful that the City Council last year approved the hiring of a part-time liaison to the Hispanic community. According to the 2000 census, Federal Way’s Hispanic community comprises about 7.5% of the total population. Like the Korean community, Federal Way’s growing Hispanic and Latino communities face language barriers that the City hopes to help overcome with its liaison position.

Applications for the Hispanic Liaison position will be accepted starting Feb. 18. The City is seeking a qualified individual to develop, improve and maintain lines of communication with the City's Spanishspeaking residents. Qualifications include high school graduation or equivalent, training in administrative office support, public speaking and community organizing, along with two years in a professional office setting.

Visit for the full job description and an application.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 13, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Lynnette Hynden, Human Services Manager, 253.835.2650

Press Release: Mayor to deliver State of the City speech February 19

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Source: (PDF)

Mayor to deliver State of the City speech February 19
Federal Way Mayor Jack Dovey will deliver the 2008 State of the City address at the Federal Way City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 19 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S.

The speech highlights major developments from 2007 including:
  • * Symphony Development: Located on the old AMC Theatre site next to the new Federal Way Transit Center, this downtown development of high-rise towers and retail includes 60,000 square feet of retail and 900 condos. It will break ground this spring.

  • * Proposition 1: In 2006, Federal Way voters approved a 1.75% increase in the City’s utility tax for public safety. The City added 18 police officers (most have already been sworn in), equipment and an additional Code Enforcement Officer. The work has already paid off: crime is down 7.2% from 2006, and Federal Way has one of the lowest municipal crime rates in King County.

  • * Safe City Project: Federal Way became one of the only cities in the nation to become a "Safe City" in 2007. We are the first in the Pacific Northwest. The program aims to reduce crime by law enforcement, businesses and City officials working together. One of the most high-profile pieces of the program is 25 wireless security cameras to be placed later this year in the City’s downtown core. The core is small, just one square mile, yet it contributes nearly a quarter of the City’s violent crime and property crime. With video evidence in hand, the City can catch criminals faster, streamline court procedures, and reduce court costs and associated staff time.

  • * Federal Way Community Center: The City opened its 72,000 square foot community center last March to much fanfare. More than 225,000 people have come through the doors since opening, including 80,000 for open swim events, 15,000 for swim lessons and 2,000 to climb one of the South Sound’s only public climbing pinnacles.

  • * Commercial Enterprise Zone: In July 2007, the City Council re-thought the City’s entire southwestern business sector -- near the Crossings and Costco -- and created the new Commercial Enterprise Zone where the "Business Park" and Community Business" zones used to exist. The types of uses allowed in this zone are broader than before, (ranging from manufacturing, restaurants, auto-related, retail sales, hotels, adult entertainment, and multi-unit housing) and give developers more choices.

  • * Preparing for Emergencies: In the wake of last year’s big windstorm, the City Council approved $1.5 million for emergency equipment. The City ordered snow plows, sanding trucks, generators, hand-held two-way radios and other equipment. The City even bought its own AM radio station (AM 900) to be activated in emergencies for real-time updates and recorded messages.

  • * Paying off City debt early: Using higher than anticipated revenues from real estate excise taxes, the City paid off two major debts in 2007. City Hall Mortgage: By paying the mortgage off ($5.8 million) instead of refinancing for 10 years, the City saved taxpayers about $1.5 million in interest. In addition, it frees up the $55,000-a-month payment for City capital needs. General Obligation Bond: By paying off this bond, used for several major projects including building the Knutzen Family Theatre, the City saved taxpayers $258,300 in interest and freed up a $430,000 yearly payment for future City capital expenses.
The speech also focuses on what the City Council and staff are doing about common concerns heard at City Council meetings such as speeding on neighborhood streets, traffic signals and count-down timers, junk cars, illegal parking and panhandling.

And, last but not least, the mayor’s speech focuses on how residents can join with the City in giving back to their community to make Federal Way a better place.

Catch the speech on Channel 21 or online

Can’t make the meeting? The mayor delivered a version of the 2008 State of the City speech at the Feb. 6 Federal Way Chamber meeting, and we caught it on tape. A 21-minute broadcast of that speech is being replayed on the City’s government access station, Channel 21, now through April. See for the schedule.

You can also watch the speech online at your convenience at In addition you can access the text of the speech and the accompanying PowerPoint on the same webpage.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 13, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Jack Dovey, Mayor, 253.835.2401

Entertainment Release: 3 Pigs by Storybook Theater

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Source: (PDF)

3 Pigs by Storybook Theater

Saturday, March 22. (Note: Sorry, could not capture text of this release. If these are the same guys who did a presentation during the holidays at the 320th library, they were really entertaining.)


Monday, February 25, 2008

Press Release: $4.35M from the State for improvements at 356th and SR 99 in Federal Way

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Source: (PDF)

$4.35M from the State for improvements at 356th and SR 99 in Federal Way
The intersection of South 356th Street and SR 99 will be straightened out, spruced up and expanded thanks to a $4.35 million grant from the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB).

The grant, the third largest award by TIB for 2009, will allow the City of Federal Way to realign the funky intersection and construct additional turn lanes to increase traffic capacity.

Sidewalks, landscaping, illumination and drainage improvements will also be added.

The TIB grant will be combined with $1.62 million from the City and $1.37 million in other funding for a total project cost of $7.34 million. Construction is expected to begin spring 2009 and be completed by that fall.

"I’m excited for this project and the traffic flow and safety improvements that come with it," shared Federal Way Council Member Jeanne Burbidge, who is the current TIB chair and has been involved with transportation issues at the regional, state and federal levels for years.

"This project is an excellent example of how our state gas tax is being used locally to improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians."

This project is the second phase of a four-phase, long-range plan to widen South 356th Street to five lanes all the way from SR 161 (Enchanted Parkway) to 21st Avenue SW. Phase one was completed in 1992.

Burbidge also noted that the timing for this project couldn’t be better as it will also help accommodate the increased traffic volumes from the future southbound off-ramp from I-5 to South 356th Street. Construction of this ramp is estimated to begin in 2010 as part of the Washington State Department of Transportation "Triangle" project that will bypass traffic from the state’s fifth-largest chokepoint at I-5, SR 18 and SR 161. The intersection is already about 20 percent over capacity during peak commute hours.

Created by the Washington State Legislature, the TIB invests in local transportation projects by distributing funds generated by three cents of the overall statewide gas tax.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 12, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
John Mulkey, Street Systems Project Engineer, 253.835.2722

Press Release: Police Chief elected as Chair of King County Police Chiefs Association

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Source: (PDF)

Police Chief elected as Chair of King County Police Chiefs Association
Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson was elected as the 2008 Chair of the King County Police Chiefs Association. This is the first time in the City’s history that a Federal Way police chief has served in this capacity. Wilson will serve a one-year term through December 2008.

The association represents law enforcement officials in King County, addresses issues of mutual interest, and liaisons with local, state and federal organizations to further public safety issues.

"It is an honor and privilege to represent the King County Police Chiefs Association," said Wilson. "I think it’s important for law enforcement from across King County to collaborate on public safety issues that impact us all. The association allows us to accomplish more together than we would if we worked only within our jurisdictions"

Wilson is a 28-year veteran police officer. He was appointed police chief in December 2006 after serving as deputy chief for 10 years. Before joining the Federal Way Police Department, Wilson worked his way up from an officer to a commander in the Renton Police Department.
Editor’s Note: Photo of Police Chief Brian Wilson available upon request.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 12, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Brian Wilson, Federal Way Police Chief, 253.835.6701

Press Release: Highlight reel of Martin Luther King celebrations now on TV21 and online

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Source: (PDF)

Highlight reel of Martin Luther King celebrations now on TV21 and online
Miss the City of Federal Way’s annual celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King?

What about the MLK Senior High Summit? Did you know there was a food drive associated with the City’s MLK events? Not to worry. Catch highlights of the different MLK celebrations and projects on Federal Way’s government channel (TV 21) through April or on the City’s website.

The 50-min. edited highlight reel features performances from the main Martin Luther King celebration including guitarist Cesar Medel, the Thomas Jefferson High School Drumline, poet Dina Ladd, a Seattle children’s choir, and Reginald Gillins, who delivered the "I Have a Dream" speech. Keynote speaker Patrick Tamnkang, who was born in Cameroon, Africa, is a main attraction.

Also included in the highlight reel are excerpts from the MLK Senior High Summit, which includes comments from Federal Way Diversity Commission Chair DeBorah Little, and scenes from the MLK food drive, with observations by Diversity Commissioner Grace Rawsthorne.

TV 21 Replay times (through April 2008):
Mondays: 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: 7:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Wednesdays: 12:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Thursdays: 8:00 a.m.
Fridays: 3:30 p.m.
Saturdays: 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Sundays: 7:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 11:00 p.m.

Online viewing:

This is the 14th year the City of Federal Way has hosted events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The events are entirely volunteer-led, are managed by the Federal Way Diversity Commission and the MLK Celebration Committee, and sponsored by the City of Federal Way, Weyerhaeuser Company, King County Council -- Pete von Reichbauer, Federal Way School District, Federal Way Mirror, AmeriCorps, LaQuinta Inn of Federal Way, and Federal Way Education and Communities in Schools Foundation.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 11, 2008
MEDIA CONTACTS -- Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211

Press Release: West Hylebos Wetlands Park reopens a little bit greener

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Source: (PDF)

West Hylebos Wetlands Park reopens a little bit greener
After being closed for construction the last six months, West Hylebos Wetlands Park has reopened to the public a little bit greener with a new eco-friendly boardwalk and parking lot.

Almost a mile long, the new boardwalk is built out of composite wood and recycled plastic lumber, and is wider to accommodate wheelchairs. The original boardwalk was built in 1990 and was badly deteriorated.

The new parking lot is built with pervious concrete which allows water to filter through it down to a soil layer that naturally breaks down the pollutants. This environmentally friendly concrete also reduces flooding and means cleaner water for the West Hylebos Wetlands and Hylebos Creek. Located near the historic cabins on South 348th Street, the parking lot will now serve both the cabins and the boardwalk.

"The City’s investment in repairing the boardwalk means that people will continue to have access to one of the Puget Sound’s great natural wonders for decades to come," said Chris Carrel, Executive Director of the Friends of the Hylebos, whose group helped secure funding for the project. "The environmentally friendly elements of the park show the City’s commitment to taking care of the environment and its parks."

"I’m pleased to be able to reopen the West Hylebos Park," said Donna Hanson, the City’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director. She noted the challenge of building in the park’s sensitive  and muddy  environment. "The West Hylebos has a lot of passionate fans. We appreciate their patience and welcome them back to their park."

The City and Friends of the Hylebos are installing new interpretive signs for the boardwalk. An official grand opening ceremony is set for May 3, 2008.

For more information about the West Hylebos Wetlands Park, contact Friends of the Hylebos at 253.874.2005, or visit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 11, 2008

Linda Farmer, APR, Communications & Government Affairs Manager, 253.835.2411 or 253.261.1211
Chris Carrel, Executive Director, Friends of the Hylebos, 253.874.2005 or 253.347.7057

Press Release: First Annual Son-sational Evening

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Source: (PDF)

First Annual Son-sational Evening

Saturday, March 15. (Sorry, could not capture text from PDF. Please click on the image to enlarge.)

click through for PDF

Press Release: Olympic contenders compete March 27-29 at 2008 NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Championships in Federal Way

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Source: (PDF)

Olympic contenders compete March 27-29 at 2008 NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Championships in Federal Way
Leading male contenders for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics will compete at the NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Championships to be held March 27-29, 2008 at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way.

"There’s real buzz in the swim community," says Skip Foster, chair of the NCAA Division I swimming and diving committee. "Outside the Olympics, this is the fastest and most exciting meet in the world."

At last year’s event, swimmers broke nine previously held NCAA records. Men’s swim teams from colleges and universities around the nation, including the powerhouse teams of Auburn, Stanford and the University of Texas, will travel to Federal Way to participate in the event. Nearly one-third of the 2,500-seat facility has been pre-sold.

The Seattle Sports Commission, the University of Washington, and Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center joined forces this year to bring this premiere event to the Pacific Northwest region - a first for the area since the competition debuted in 1924. The championships will consist of two sessions daily, with qualifying heats starting in the afternoon followed by finals in the evening.

Three-day passes are on sale now. Individual tickets sales will be announced at a later date. To purchase, visit Ticketmaster at or call 206-628-0888.

The Seattle Sports Commission (SCC) promotes, attracts, and develops sports and recreational events to enhance economic prosperity in the Puget Sound region. The SCC’s vision for Seattle is to be recognized as a featured sports destination and a premier host of national sporting events.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- February 7, 2008
MEDIA CONTACT -- Nate Silverman, 253.461.5844,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Press Release: The Federal Way City Council and Management Team's Annual Strategic Planning Retreat

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Source: (PDF)

The Federal Way City Council and Management Team's Annual Strategic Planning Retreat
26 January 2008, 8:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Final Summary of the Retreat's Key Discussions, Decisions and Agreements

Attending the 2008 Annual Strategic Planning Retreat were: Mayor Jack Dovey; Deputy Mayor Eric Faison; Council members Jeanne Burbidge, Dini Duclos, Jim Ferrell, Linda Kochmar, and Mike Park; City Manager Neal Beets; Assistant City Managers Cary Roe and Iwen Wang; management team members Patrick Doherty, Linda Farmer, Greg Fewins, Donna Hanson, Mary McDougal, Ken Miller, Pat Richardson, Mehdi Sadri, Marwan Salloum, and Brian Wilson; Assistant Police Chief Andy Hwang; city staff members Doug Nelson, Scott Pingel, and John Hutton; and two City residents, Joann Piquette and Lynda Jenkins.

The Council's Decisions and Directions

During the 26 January 2008 strategic planning retreat, the City Council agreed on the following decisions or directions:

Use Of Utility Tax Revenues:

The Council agreed to hold a discussion early in the budget process, possibly as early as February, to review the use of utility tax revenues to fund operating budget expenditures. The Council's interest is ensuring that if utility tax revenues become a permanent source of funding for the operating budget, it is the result of a thoughtful, strategic decision by the Council. The Council requested that these questions help frame the discussion:

1. If the City eliminated or reduced the use of utility tax revenues to fund operating expenses, would the budget need to be cut? If so, what would be the criteria for cutting programs?

2. Under that scenario, what would likely be cut?

3. What other funding sources might be available to avoid the need for budget reductions? For transportation projects, for example, are there "outside" sources of funding that could replace or supplement City funding?

4. And what is our more "global" view of what we want the City's infrastructure to look like?
Community Center:

The Council agreed to review the Community Center's business plan and consider developing a marketing plan sometime later this year, after sufficient data has been gathered from the Center's first year of operations.

The Council is interested in providing an appropriate level of public support and subsidy for the Center. Lacking the kind of information that will be available once the Center has been in business for one year, it is difficult now to determine what constitutes an appropriate level. After late March, when the Community Center will celebrate its first anniversary, the Council will be able to obtain sufficient information to determine whether or not the Center's business plan is accurate and what the level of subsidy will need to be.

The business plan will be reviewed by FEDRAC, and the Parks and Recreation Committee could oversee the development of a marketing plan, but the entire Council is interested in participating in these discussions.

Early in the discussion of the Community Center, Council members articulated these additional interests:

1. ensure the Center is accessible to all Federal Way residents, no matter what their income level;

2. ensure that the Center's membership structure and programs are affordable to families and individuals;

3. ensure the Center plays a role in the community that reflects the best public value; and

4. provide personal or individual benefits for the people who use the Center.

Staff reported on actions that are being taken or considered to attract more people to the facility, actions that might increase revenues from memberships and fees, and reduce the City's subsidy.

(The ideas are summarized in the "Federal Way Community Center: 2008 Strategic Planning Recommendations" that Donna Hanson reviewed with the Council.)

Council members offered some suggestions to expand the public's use of the Center. Because the ideas could affect the operations of the Center, they will be part of the analysis of the business plan. The suggestions included:

1. develop a marketing plan to more effectively promote the Center's services and programs;

2. develop a five-year business plan with assumptions;

3. explore providing better public transportation to and from the Center to provide customers, particularly youth and seniors, access to the facility;

4. offer free use of the facility for children up to five;

5. offer free day care;

6. offer reduced membership rates for the employees of "targeted" businesses, including health care providers such as Group Health and Virginia Mason;

7. Offer one-time free passes through newspapers and newsletters.
Based on staff comments during the discussion, it appears that some of these ideas have been tried or are about to be implemented. The Council's suggestions will be considered as the business plan is evaluated during 2008.

Performing Arts Center:

The Council endorsed the process Neal presented for making a decision by mid to late Spring 2008 about the future of the Performing Arts Center.

The process Neal proposed for making a "Go/No Go" decision sometime in June is summarized on the paper "Performing Arts Center -- Council Retreat Update." Based on the review of the paper, Council members commented that the State Legislature's approval of a Public Facilities District, which would allow the City to seek state funding for the Center, is likely to be an important factor in the Council's decision.

In a brief related conversation, Council members focused on the long-term future of Dumas Bay Center, and stated that the Finance Committee may need to address why Dumas Bay is not meeting its goal of becoming self-sustaining facility, and what could be done to achieve that goal. It is expected that the future of Dumas Bay Center will be addressed as part of a future budget process.

"Green City" Strategic Plan:

The Council concurred that the issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) should be delayed until after the Council has a deeper discussion about the degree of investment the City should make in becoming a "Green City," and how those investments can result in the City getting the most for its money.

There appeared to be general support for a strategic plan, rather than the City taking piecemeal steps to become a "Green City." But there is not yet agreement among Council for how the strategic plan should be developed and implemented. Among the choices for developing the plan are:

1. hire a contractor, who could become a temporary staff person; and

2. hire a consulting firm.

A future Council-of-the-Whole discussion will be held to focus on not just how to develop and implement the strategic plan, but to envision the City's goals, discuss the level of public investment that could be needed to achieve those goals, and identify strategies to enable the City to get the most "bang for the buck."

Economic Development:

The Council agreed that FEDRAC should further discuss and assess the ideas listed below for promoting existing businesses and attracting new ones.

The Council's overarching interest appears to be enticing the citizens of Federal Way to spend their money in the City. To achieve this interest, the Council identified and discussed ideas to promote existing businesses and to attract new businesses to the community. The ideas are within five categories:

1. Make Federal Way a destination shopping area. To build this strategy, the City needs to ask: What environment do we want to create? What existing businesses reflect or promote that environment? What kinds of businesses do we need to attract to enhance it?

2. Market the City and its businesses. The City could help market and promote existing businesses so that the public is more aware of the diversity reflected by them, and the services they offer. To attract new businesses, the City could strengthen its efforts to communicate a positive image of the community's resources and attributes, including its quality of life, and the City's services.

3. Strengthen the culture of customer service. Ensure that the ethic of customer service is infused throughout City government, from the Council to front-line staff.

4. Coordinate with other governments. Collaborate and coordinate with other governments who serve generally the same constituency -- Lakehaven Utility District, the Federal Way School District, and the South King Fire and Rescue District--to ensure that our individual actions do not inadvertently undermine the City's economic development goals, and to ensure that we act in concert on strategies to achieve them.

5. Coordinate with businesses during construction. As the City -- and other governments -- improve roads, sewer and water lines, and other capital facilities, we need to try to minimize the impacts on businesses by closely communicating with them on such matters as the construction timelines and what they might need during construction to be able to remain open.
Among the ideas "put on the table" for implementing these ideas were:
1. create a task force of citizens and business representatives;

2. encourage, support or contribute to expansion of the Small Business Development Center;

3. develop a mentorship program for new, small businesses;

4. work with the Chamber of Commerce;

5. survey and interview business owners; and

6. require that businesses more prominently display their addresses.
Dini, Eric and Mike, members of the FEDRAC, will work with staff to further explore these ideas at the Committee, and at a future date the entire Council will revisit the topic of what the City can do to achieve its interest in sustaining economic development throughout the community.

Communicating The City's Vision:

The Council identified a number of strategies to strengthen the public's understanding of and support for the City's vision. Two that appeared to generate the most interest and enthusiasm were:

1. make the City's vision more visual; and

2. divide the City into five or six sections, and strategically coordinate and communicate about City programs and projects that serve them.
A principal interest expressed at the retreat was to build community awareness, understanding and support for the Council's vision, and the actions it is taking to achieve that vision. The goal of the Council is to receive the public's support to continue to do "big things" rather than be a "caretaker."

The Council agreed that an important step in capturing the public's imagination is to let citizens see what the City's vision will look like. For example, building and displaying a model of how downtown will appear when the City's vision is successfully implemented is more likely to attract attention and interest, and result in understanding and support, than the words in a vision statement or a comprehensive plan.

The Council also supported the idea of dividing the City into five or six sections -- larger scale neighborhoods -- and coordinating the services and programs of the departments, and of other governmental entities, so that citizens detect more clearly what the City is doing for them and how its services and programs are benefiting them. This strategy could affect how capital projects are coordinated and scheduled within a section of the community, or how departments coordinate with one another in hosting neighborhood meetings or communicating specific messages. The idea might also result in the designation of a staff "coordinator" for each section.

The staff's comments indicated that greater coordination by City departments, and between the City and other governments, is underway. But both Council and staff expressed an interest in further exploring these ideas.

Other ideas for communicating the City's vision to the citizens included:

1. the Council hosts "town hall" meetings in neighborhoods;

2. empower citizens to do things for their neighbors and the community;

3. Council members periodically attend neighborhood meetings;

4. help the residents of multi-family dwellings and non-English speaking residents to become more involved in the community;

5. and communicate more "forward looking" messages than ones that dwell on past achievements.
The discussion ended with Council members and staff providing some advice to the Mayor about the tone and content of his up-coming State of the City Address. Suggestions included: bring visuals to help communicate the City's vision and goals; focus more on the future than the past; highlight one or two things that reflect the City's vision, and that the City wants to accomplish in the near-term future; bring a handout listing recent accomplishments so that more of the speech can address the future; suggest what citizens and organizations can do for the City; and recall a recent newspaper article that asked "Where is the heart of the City?" and answer the question.

Coordination With Other Governments:

The Council agreed to more actively engage the leadership of the School District, Sewer and Water District, and Fire District on policy, program, project, and financial issues to strengthen communication, coordination, and collaboration. The Council said working with the School

District appears to provide the greatest opportunity to make a difference for the community.
The Council has three primary interests in seeking greater coordination with other governmental
entities in the Federal Way area:

1. ensure that the City's goals are advanced, rather than unintentionally or inadvertently undermined, by the actions of the other governments, and vice versa;

2. strengthen service to the public-at-large and to the business community through coordinated inter-jurisdictional policies and actions; and

3. look for "economies of scale" as the various governmental entities serve basically the same constituents.
One project that the Council identified for potential coordination was partnering with the School District on the District's plans to construct a new school adjacent to Lakota Park. The School District's plans could affect City decisions about the scope and timing of capital improvements in the park, and the Council noted that it would be in the citizens' and both governments' best interests to explore ways to partner on this project.

The discussion also highlighted the need to coordinate closely with all three governments, but particularly with Lakehaven, to minimize impacts of commercial-area construction activities on existing businesses.

Finally, one suggestion for achieving "economies of scale" was for the four governments to create one pool from which to draw temporary employees.

2007 Accomplishments And The Factors That Produced Them

At the beginning of the retreat each Council and management team member identified the most important accomplishments of 2007. Here is the composite list of accomplishments:

* purchase of downtown property to achieve the City's vision for downtown;

* through LIFT, the State's $25 million investment in the City's infrastructure;

* opening the Community Center;

* expansion of community support for the Performing Arts Center;

* the first steps toward the "Green City" strategic plan;

* investment of $1.5 million in emergency preparedness equipment;

* dependable and reliable systems;

* completion of phases of the Pacific Highway South improvements, and of the HOV lane;

* the "buzz" generated in the media and throughout the community by the City's economic development initiatives;

* the planning for the downtown park, which has been fun for staff;

* "challenge grant" for the food bank;

* the Council working together so collaboratively;

* $2 million in federal "earmarks" for Federal Way transportation projects;

* cross-departmental coordination to eradicate graffiti;

* generosity of City employees as demonstrated by the United Way campaign contributions;

* common sense approach of both Council and staff;

* Proposition #1 implementation, including the hiring of new police officers;

* coordination with other jurisdictions;

* the Symphony Tower project;

* the Council serving as a catalyst for change and being more responsive to citizens;

* improvements in the permitting process, and their successful implementation;

* a willingness by the City to do things out of the ordinary;

* the revised City Code;

* hiring of new staff throughout City government, including the communications director, and in the Law Department and in Human Resources;

* new code enforcement tools and the revamping of the code enforcement process;

* the City's first-time-ever action to remove serious overgrowth and to refurbish the

* landscaping of a neighborhood eyesore;

* seven percent decline in "index" crimes;

* the "Safe Cities" Initiative;

* getting Federal Way transportation projects on the regional list;

* the increasing respect the City is gaining from its involvement in regional forums;

* $3 million for Camp Killworth

* $40 million in state and regional funding for the City
After listing the principal accomplishments of last year, we identified the reasons why we were successful. The major factors cited were:
1. the Council is more experienced and "seasoned," and works well with the community;

2. each Council member brings something unique to the group; and

3. the strength and creativity of the staff.
The Council and management team also assessed what had not been as successful in 2007 as expected, and pinpointed the inability to generate greater citizen involvement in the community and a deeper understanding of the City's vision and the actions it is taking to achieve that vision. This may be reflected in the defeat of the annexation proposals.

Potential Future Issues For Council Consideration

As the retreat concluded, we listed issues that may soon be on the Council's "horizon," including: the Classification-Compensation Study, which is likely to have ramifications for the 2009-'10 budget;

* performance goals to demonstrate how the City is doing in achieving its vision, mission and goals;

adding to our vision and goals the concept of Federal Way as a "Green City;

affordable housing and housing affordability;

the land clearing and grading ordinance, which will be transmitted to Council in February;

* a City-sponsored tree planting project.
The last part of this session was a brief discussion among the Council about commitments to citizens in response to their questions during Council meetings. The Council expressed three interests in the subject:
1. the City must be responsive to citizens by ensuring their questions are answered;

2. in responding to the citizens' questions or comments at Council meetings, the Council needs to be careful to not provide the wrong answer or commit the City to a course of action that conflicts with existing processes and, more significantly, City policies; and

3. Council members do not want to appear to favor one group over another.
To achieve these interests, the Council agreed that in the future, citizens' questions asked during Council meetings will be referred to the City Manager, who will be accountable to the Council for providing the answers, unless answering the question is a simple task that does not require interpretation of City policies, rules and procedures, and does not require a commitment of City resources.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Federal Way Real Estate -- February 20, 2008

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Federal Way Real Estate Market Survey - Condominiums January 2008 (Charts)
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Federal Way Real Estate Market Survey - Residential January 2008 (Charts)
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Marine Hills - a neighborhood with views of the water in Federal Way!
FEDERALWAY.NEIGHBORHOODSUNDRESSED.COM (02/16) -- As you may have noticed, you have all types and styles of homes in this lovely neighborhood. It is peaceful and quite appealing. The drive on this beautiful sunny day kept me wanting more. Just another perk of living in Federal Way, Washington. (Lots of photos.) More...

What are your neighbors saying about you?
ROTTENNEIGHBOR.COM (N/A) -- Tree lined streets. White picket fences. Band practice next door till 3 a.m.? Definitely not what you had in mind when you bought your home! is here to help. It's the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find More...


Federal Way Area Home (1,980 sq. ft., 4/2.5)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $335,950 - Priced to Sell!!! Very well maintained cozy house in a nice Federal Way Neighborhood. NEW SIDING & EXTERIOR PAINT was done in Nov,2006. Hardwood floors More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Home (2,380 sq. ft., 3/1.5)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $315,000 - Do not street appraise this spacious home. Living room with wood mantle fireplace. Dining room with hardwood floors, galley-style kitchen with garden window, new vinyl windows throughout. Downstairs has two large More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Home (1,670 sq. ft., 3/1.75)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $225,000 - In excellent condition! Fenced backyard. More... (Map)

New price on 2 bd 2 ba top-floor one-level condo suite with garage in Federal Way (1,241 sq. ft., 2/2)
GREENSPACESREALESTATE.COM -- $224,500 - A $5k price reduction on my condo listing in Federal Way. Nice area, close to walking trails, etc., convenient to everything but not too close. More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Home (? sq. ft., 3/1)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $199,999 - Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in Westway. 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom with 1 car attached carport and shed. With-in walking distance to More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Condo (1,000 sq. ft., 2/2)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $197,990 - Limited availablity ground floor end home! This home has been completely rebuilt with high-end finishes throughout. The kitchen is finely finished featuring... More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Condo (1,192 sq. ft., 2/2)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $189,950 - Perfect! A home hidden in the woods... Enjoy a treehouse-like experience as you view the well maintained grounds from any of the many windows. Beautifully remodeled & updated, this private More... (Map)

Federal Way Condo (0,740 sq. ft., 1/1)
ZIPREALTY.COM -- $167,000 - Move in ready condo. Top floor, corner unit with vaulted ceilings. Tile and granite counters. Stainless steel More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Manufactured Home (1,140 sq. ft., 2/1.75)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $45,000 - The life of leisure! Home is located in a golf course community with all the amentities and near the Common Mall. Move in ready...the home offers 2 bed/1 3/4 bath,40 year metal roof, new More... (Map)

Federal Way Area Manufactured Home (1,300 sq. ft., 4/1.5)
WINDERMERE.COM -- $45,000 - Dont miss this affordable home. Close to highways and bus routes for your commuting ease. Updated kitchen with modern stainless appliances. More... (Map)

What's News in Federal Way -- Feb. 20, 2008

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Shelter service calls on local churches
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/19) -- Reach Out, a project that could bring a homeless shelter for single men over age 18 to Federal Way by year’s end, will be discussed at an informational meeting 7 p.m. Feb. 26 at Calvary Lutheran Church, 2415 S. 320th St. More...

North Shore fight is personal
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/19) -- SaveNETacoma, a coalition of Northeast Tacoma and Federal Way residents, will stop at nothing to protect the serene North Shore Golf Course in Northeast Tacoma from a massive residential housing development planned to replace the fairways. More...

Suburban Seattle apartments bring $13.45M
CREFEED.COM (02/19) -- Liquid Capital, a privately held owner and operator of apartments on the west coast, has purchased the Silver Shadow Apartments in the Seattle suburb of Federal Way, Wash., for $13.45 million from an overseas partnership. More...

Search continues for SeaTac man who never made it home from work
NEWS.COLUMBIAN.COM (02/19) -- The search continues for a SeaTac man who didn't make it home after leaving work last week in Seattle. Friends of Nicholas Francisco says Tuesday's search is in a wooded area of Federal Way near where his car was found Monday at a condo complex. More...

Missing man's car found in Federal Way
KING5.COM (02/18) -- The car of a SeaTac man who has been missing since Wednesday has been found. More...

Transit center steps up security
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/18) -- Critics feared a 1,200-space parking garage and transit center in downtown Federal Way would turn into a magnet for crime years before the public project was erected. But since the center opened two years ago, problems were limited to smoking, traffic stops, loitering, skateboarding and a few altercations among youths -- until Jan. 18. That’s when Dar’rel L. Miller, 38, was fatally shot as she walked across a bus lane. The SeaTac woman was not the intended target of the man accused in the shooting, Glenn C. Proctor, 20, of Tacoma, say court documents. Proctor is in jail, charged with second-degree murder and awaiting arraignment. More...

Save NE Tacoma files motion over North Shore Golf Course
BLOGS.THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/16) -- Things are heating up in Northeast Tacoma. I just received this press release in my inbox. More...

Federal Way court: Dysfunction junction?
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/15) -- For two months, a Federal Way Municipal Court sex scandal has made media headlines. Most of the focus has been on Judge Colleen Hartl, who served with the city for seven months before abruptly resigning. But Hartl’s departure may be an indication of broader breakdowns and power struggles within the court. More...

Land donation sparks big plans for senior center
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/15) -- A land donation to the Federal Way Senior Center has spurred the organization’s eagerness to grow. More...

Weyerhaeuser Has Prospective Buyer For Cosmopolis Pulp Mill
MONEY.CNN.COM (02/15) -- Weyerhaeuser Co. said it will begin preliminary discussions for the sale of its Cosmopolis Pulp Mill in Aberdeen, Wash., to Evergreen Pulp/Grays Harbor PUD. More...

West Hylebos Wetlands Park reopens in Federal Way with new boardwalk
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/14) -- As the sun glistened through hemlock trees, Bud Urling enjoyed walking through West Hylebos Wetlands Park on a new $1.4 million boardwalk Wednesday. More...

NCAA to Host Post Championship Long Course Invitational
SWIMMINGWORLDMAGAZINE.COM (02/12) -- The NCAA is looking to get the word out that a Post NCAA Long Course Invitational will take place at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Wash., on March 30. More...

Federal Way vote may put mayor in charge
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM (02/11) -- At the tender age of 18, Federal Way faces a decision this month about who should run the city. Since its birth, that responsibility has fallen to a city manager, a professional who oversees a 350-person staff and a $47 million budget. Now, on the Feb. 19 ballot, comes the question: Want to try a mayor instead? More...

Charge filed in Federal Way transit center shooting
SEATTLEPI.NWSOURCE.COM (02/11) -- King County prosecutors have filed a second-degree murder charge against a man accused of shooting a woman Jan. 18 at the Federal Way Transit Center. More...

Fatal bullet at Federal Way Transit Center meant for another
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/11) -- The woman shot to death last month at the Federal Way Transit Center was not the intended target of the man who pulled the trigger, according to court papers released today. More...

Weyerhaeuser Lobbied on Energy, Patents
MONEY.CNN.COM (02/11) -- Weyerhaeuser Co., one of the world's largest lumber and packaging producers, spent nearly $1.9 million in 2007 to lobby the federal government on energy and patent issues More...

Ignoring the controversy, new Miss Auburn confident and ready to move on
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (02/10) -- With a firm handshake and an air of confidence in her voice, it's not difficult to see why the judges at the February 2 Miss Auburn Scholarship Program pageant picked Cara Rudd from among 23 other qualified contestants. More...

Man wanted in Federal Way slaying turns self in
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM (02/09) -- A man wanted in the shooting death of a woman last month at a transit center in Federal Way turned himself in to police at 3 p.m. today, the Federal Way Police Department said. More...

Mayor delivers State of the City address
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/09) -- Federal Way has accomplished astounding feats in its 17-year history, but now is the time for change. Mayor Jack Dovey delivered his "State of the City" address Feb. 6 to a bustling crowd at Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club in Federal Way. More...

Burglars deal a blow to schools
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/09) -- Schools are generally thought of as respected places of education, but in Federal Way they are sometimes targets for burglars and thieves. Burglary is defined as unlawful entry into a structure with the intent to commit a crime once inside that structure, according to It does not always involve theft. More...

Local farmers may shake up school lunches
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/09) -- In 2002, the Olympia School District introduced a pilot program at an elementary school that provided students with an organic salad bar containing locally grown fruits and vegetables during lunchtime. More...

Housing market 'erosion' slams Weyerhaeuser in Q4
BIZJOURNALS.COM (02/08) -- Blaming a slumping U.S. housing market, Weyerhaeuser Co. reported a fourth-quarter loss of $63 million, or a loss of 30 cents per share, which compares with earnings of $507 million, or $2.12 per share a year earlier. More...

Federal Way public defender confirms relationship with judge
TRI-CITYHERALD.COM (02/08) -- A public defender has acknowledged having a "single intimate encounter" with a Federal Way Municipal Court judge who resigned after boasting of the relationship at a holiday party. More...

Weyerhaeuser seeking alternatives for commercial construction sales business
MONEY.CNN.COM (02/08) -- Weyerhaeuser Co. said it was considering strategic alternatives for its commercial construction sales business, including a possible sale of the business. More...

Weyerhaeuser posts loss, sees 'erosion'
MONEY.CNN.COM (02/08) -- Weyerhaeuser Co. said Friday it swung to a fourth-quarter loss as the deteriorating U.S. housing market cut into demand for lumber - a downturn the paper and wood products company expects will continue through 2008. More...

World Vision Sending Relief Supplies to Tornado Victims
FOXBUSINESS.COM (02/07) -- Humanitarian agency World Vision sent relief supplies from their Mississippi Storehouse today to assist victims of this week's devastating tornadoes in the South. More...

Federal Way waffles on how harsh to be with beggars
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/06) -- Elected leaders in Federal Way are having trouble making up their minds on how tough to be with panhandlers. The City Council decided Tuesday night to reconsider stiffening the city’s laws against begging in public. More...

Police Identify Fast-Food Robbery Suspect, Issue Arrest Warrant
KIROTV.COM (02/06) -- A man believed to have robbed at least six local fast-food restaurants has been identified by police as Jack Hannah. More...

Opening statements in 2005 serial rape case set for this afternoon
BLOGS.THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/06) -- Pierce County Superior Court Judge Gary Steiner swore in a jury this morning to hear the case of Anthony Dias, the Federal Way man prosecutors contend was the serial rapist who terrorized women in two counties back in 2005. More...

It's Official! Another 22 Acres Preserved. Permanently, baby!
HYLEBOS.TYPEPAD.COM (02/05) -- Seth Bynum has a very nice article in the FW News about the finalization of the 22-acre Goldmax acquisition. The contracts were inked last week. It's done. That land is saved! More...

Controversial Miss Auburn contestant did not violate rules, Scholarship Program President says
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (02/05) -- Cara Rudd, a 21-year-old Federal Way local, and her new Miss Auburn crown have incited far more than just praise. In fact, a vocal group of bloggers who question the validity of the judges' choice-most of whom offered up their opinions anonymously-have protested Rudd's fulfillment of the program's residency requirements, delivered innuendos regarding her relationship with judges and board members, and directly assaulted her character. More...

Former Federal Way WA man pleads guilty
SEATTLEPI.NWSOURCE.COM (02/05) -- A 31-year-old former Federal Way man has pleaded guilty in federal court to mail fraud. Asdrubel Sampayo entered his plea today in Seattle in connection with a scheme to steal and sell toner cartridges. More...

Police chief will serve county
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/05) -- Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson was elected to serve as chair of the King County Police Chiefs Association for 2008. More...

Trader Joe's is moving
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/05) -- The grocery store Trader Joe’s is moving to a new location inside the SeaTac Village Shopping Center, 1758 S. 320th St., Federal Way. More...

Tapping downtown's potential
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM (02/05) -- The city’s bold steps last year to redevelop downtown Federal Way will continue into 2008. As the city council and management staff discussed the future of Federal Way on Jan. 26, the conversation turned to sustaining the economy. More...

Amid presidential hoopla, remember school levies
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/05) -- When Federal Way and three other South Sound school districts put levy requests to voters Feb. 19, they will be pioneers, in a way. More...

Bomb threats in Federal Way turn out false
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/04) -- Bomb threats found today on the wall of a girls’ bathroom at Federal Way High School and a boys’ bathroom at Kilo Middle School were deemed not credible, said district spokeswoman Diane Turner. More...

Strong mayor activist Roy Parke argued with Federal Way over property flooding
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (02/04) -- The records of Roy Parke’s wranglings with the City of Federal Way fill five boxes in City Hall. The dispute dates to 1996. Parke said the city’s approval of a new subdivision and its storm drainage system led to flooding of his property, according to court records. The City Council voted three years later to condemn his property in the south end of the city. Parke is leading the drive to switch Federal Way’s government to a strong, elected mayor. Voters will decide Feb. 19. More...

Twenty-two acres of Hylebos Creek habitat gains permanent protection
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (02/04) -- The future of the Hylebos Creek Watershed became greener. Last Thursday, the city of Federal Way completed acquisition of the 22-acre Goldmax Property in the southern part of the city. The property includes wetlands and forested uplands and 1,200 feet of the West Hylebos Creek, where chinook, coho and chum salmon spawn. More...

Page program gives local students a first-hand view of democracy
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (02/04) -- There's an easy way for middle and high school students to learn about democracy: go to the state Legislature in Olympia and see it first-hand. Since 1891, students have come from across the state to serve as pages in the Senate and House of Representatives. More...

Aid agency says fighting in Chad could spiral into humanitarian crisis
ASSISTNEWS.NET (02/03) -- The in-country director of a Christian relief agency says the recent coup attempt in Chad could turn from a political crisis to a humanitarian disaster if fighting does not stop soon. More...

NFL donates losing team’s apparel
EASTVALLEYTRIBUNE.COM (02/03) -- The National Football League will be sending hundreds of Patriots Championship shirts and caps to needy children and families around the world following the Patriot’s defeat at the hands of the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. More...

World Vision sends relief team to Rwanda quake zone
ALERTNET.ORG (02/03) -- Two earthquakes struck parts of Rwanda and neighbouring Congo earlier today, leaving nearly 40 people dead and hundreds injured. In Rwanda, a World Vision relief team has been disaptched to the hardest-hit, southeastern district of Rusizi to assess the situation and determine how the aid agency can best respond. More...


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