Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vote No!

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Yeah, it's a very quick hack because I'm doing it from memory and it's time to clock in. Feel free to propose additional slogans below.


James said...

Some other ideas I had...

- Change Bad
- We don't trust you to elect your own leader.
- Stop meddling with our private club.
- We know better than you.
- Accountability Schmountability

FedWayan said...

Federal Way Doesn't Work

...Then list all the things the city should be doing or has done poorly. I suppose you could list fighting graffiti. I'd start with annexation, commercial revitalization, walkability, homelessness, affordable living, snow removal, non-retail jobs, and realizing that renters exist.

James said...

While all quite possibly true, I was more interested in taking quick potshots at the vote no group.

Things to go in place of "Fear Change" on the original sign.

- We'll Think For You
- Shut Up and Take It

FedWayan said...

Former Mayor's Husband Knows Best?


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