Thursday, December 13, 2007

Response: Keep Our Eye On The Ball

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Response to Keep Our Eye On The Ball

The first step in getting FW's kids on track to international level of academics would be to get them modern textbooks.

The second step would be to commit to teaching them internationally accepted scientific facts. I don't trust Dave Larson to do this, as he has shown far too much willingness to succumb to political and theological influences in academics. One reason the U.S. loses at the international academic "game" is that most of the countries on the leaderboard don't tend to sully their education (or their government) with political and religious biases.

Step three would be to make school a place where children want to be and participate in, instead of coming up with new arbitrarily created and enforced rules for them to follow, handing out detention and suspension like candy, or scrambling to jam WASL knowledge into their heads at the last minute. (Watching a FW student go through WASL cram time is disturbingly reminiscent of college finals week. Kids in grades 5-10 shouldn't be going through that.)

Let's not, however, become so engrossed in science and geography that we leave the arts behind. If U.S. kids have one advantage over the rest of the world, it's that the U.S. is still a worldwide creative leader. Our music, movies, television, etc., are, for what it's worth, admired and imitated the world over like those of no other country. If we decide to play the technical "game", let's make sure not to lose our edge in the creative "game" as a result.

It's terribly telling that a FWPS board member was surprised to discover what the average student knew (or didn't). It shows just how out of touch they are with the schools they are in charge of. They need to stop banning things and making rules and waving legal sticks, and start actually caring about actual education in FW.

-- FederalWayan



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