Thursday, December 13, 2007

How awesome is this?

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This is so freaking awesome it's hard not to use a stronger word. I am so excited about this project I'm literally giddy. I know our friends at Hybelos prefer low density, but low density means more sprawl, more cars, more pavement. Go north, south or east, further east or even further east of Los Angeles to see how awful sprawl is.

In case you missed it in the press release, Symphony has a website: It's pretty much focussed on pre-pre-selling the residential space, but hopefully over time it'll add more information. In the meantime, is that not just a stinking brilliantly beautiful rendering?

Federal Way? Boo yeah, baby. Welcome to the big leagues. Dang. So cool.


Mark said...

Welcome to the big league? Well, that's very hopeful, but this is really a "Welcome to a good start".


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