Thursday, December 13, 2007

FWPS Replacement Levy

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Federal Way Public Schools will run a placement levy February 19, 2008. Approval of the levy will continue school programs and services at their current levels.

This four-year Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O*) will replace the current levy which is due to expire, and will continue to bridge the gap between what the state provides and what the community expects in education. (*Formerly called a Maintenance & Operations Levy)

This school level will not increase your tax rate.

Learn more at the Federal Way Public Schools website...


Charlie Hoff said...

In the next 4 years the school district will spend 3/4 BILLON DOLLARS on "educating" the chidren of Federal Way.

What are their plans for these four years? More of the same! 1/2 of the kids can't do 8th grade math by the 10th grade, but the football and hip hop teams will still win!

It would be possible to improve the academic success of this school district while saving $ 8 miilion dollars every year if we got out of the "entertainment" and "exercising the physically fit" mode and calling this success.

I am all for "education" of all children but this plan isn't designed to educate any more children than the present plan.

The "dollars" calculation for this levy was based upon the maximum that the district could raise. No thought was given to how to spend it. Isn't that a blank check?


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