Saturday, December 1, 2007

FWPD Media Advisory: Safe City Kickoff

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Federal Way Police Department Media Advisory

Safe City Federal Way Kickoff Scheduled For December 4th

Federal Way Police News Conference/Safe City Kickoff
December 4, 2007 - 10:00 a.m.

Federal Way Commons -- Macy’s Courtyard (indoors)
1928 South 320th Street, Federal Way, Washington

A two-year project between the Federal Way Police Department, the City of Federal Way, the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce, and Target Corporation ushers in a new era of community policing. These partners would like to invite you to an exciting kick-off event for the SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY program held on December 4th, at 10:00 a.m.

SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY uses a combination of technical and information-sharing tools to empower the community to achieve crime prevention results. The intended results of SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY are:

· A reduction in crime committed in the City of Federal Way
· A flourishing and safe atmosphere for consumers and businesses
· Economic development within the safe zone
· Increase communication between city government, law enforcement, and the business community
· A decrease in response time in the City of Federal Way and an increase in officer safety
· Law enforcement personnel will utilize fewer resources within the safe zone

SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY will use existing technical solutions and combined resources to invest in new upgraded solutions, such as closed circuit television. The program will make use of 25 wireless cameras set in strategic locations within an approximate 1-square mile of the downtown area. Each camera will be accessible from any computer accessed by the Federal Way Police, including laptops located in each patrol vehicle. The goal of these cameras is to catch criminals while "in the act" and to emphasize that the City of Federal Way is not a friendly city for criminals.

Private security and loss prevention located within the safe zone and the Federal Way Police Department would be connected to each other via a dedicated SAFE CITY radio frequency.

Brian Wilson, Federal Way Police Chief said, "We are excited about the SAFE CITY program and believe it will play a key role in our crime reduction strategy and in our city’s economic redevelopment plan."

The SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY project was made possible through funding from the Target Corporation, the City of Federal Way, Weyerhaeuser Corporation, and the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce. Currently there are only 17 cities in the nation which can claim the title SAFE CITY. A majority of those cities have populations over 500,000. The City of Federal Way will be the first city in the Northwest region having a community-policing program of this caliber. The distinction of becoming a "safe city" will enhance community safety and economic development in the City of Federal Way which will help the city to retain and attract new businesses.

The SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY program was modeled after a similar program in Northampton, England which yielded impressive results in crime-reduction:

· 12% overall crime reduction in the 1st year
· 36% crime reduction by the end of the 2nd year
· Shoplifting crimes reduced by 15% in both the 1st and 2nd years
· Citizen feedback indicates a higher satisfaction with community safety

The SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY website offers citizens and the business community the ability to efficiently receive ongoing information from law enforcement (i.e.: crime bulletins and crime prevention tips). This website will also allow citizens an opportunity to report illegal activity. As a result of this feedback, police can dedicate enforcement efforts to address those concerns.

Through the use of integrated technology and enhanced communication systems, safe zones are strategically created for improvement of safety and promote economic development in those areas. These monitoring systems strengthen the ability of law enforcement to respond both within and beyond the safe zone. The SAFE CITY FEDERAL WAY initiative comes as a result of the joint efforts of law enforcement, the business community and city government.

Press conference and demonstration of program will be held on December 4th, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. in The Commons Mall at Federal Way in the Macy’s Courtyard (indoors). Expected in attendance will be City Government officials, dignitaries and stakeholders.


Date of Release:
November 30, 2007

Federal Way Police Lieutenant Mark Bensen at 206-571-4983
Federal Way Police Officer Shawn Swanson at 206-786-7931

Approved by:
Lieutenant Mark Bensen Date & Time: 11/30/07 @ 1520 Hours

Released by:
Stacy Flores, PIO (206) 916-1139 Date & Time: 11/30/07 @ 1520 Hours



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