Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prop. 1 Defeated

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Foolish, foolish people. (To use nice words.)

*sigh* I cannot believe that half the population is so short-sighted to once again fail to do anything about the future.

The irony is that for all the Sierra Club's work, we're not going to get the environmentally friendly rail. But we will most likely still get much of the new roads. WSDOT will just do the studies, determine that they're necessary and build them one way or another.

Makes me want to walk away from this state in disgust. Fine, if you want to become L.A. (except a lot more hickish), go for it. Enjoy your congestion and miserable commutes. You've earned them.


FHardison said...

It is NOT the short sightedness of the voters that defeated prop 1. It's the continued idiot thinking that building more roads and expensive transit systems that WASTE money - is the right direction. Pareto's Law says that 20% of any problem is 80% of the headaches you face. If Joe Transit would focus more on the bottlenecks of traffic and take steps to stop idiot drivers from waiting until the very last second to get into the off ramp lane - from the HOV lane - traffic would be much better.

If we started thinking long term and 3 dimensionally - who knows we might even have electric vehicles we could fly to work, eliminating the need for roads in the first place...

James said...

Sometimes the big picture is a convenient excuse to do nothing.

Case in point: GM and whatever interesting idea is just beyond reach. Currently hydrogen. As aoon as Toyota proves it viable, GM will be on to the next pipe dream. Always looking into the future while failing in the present.


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