Thursday, November 8, 2007

Letter: Please Discuss Freewall Idea

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FWG welcomes your thoughts and comments. Email us at or click on the "comments" link at the bottom of any posting. Of course, all postings are moderated to prevent online graffiti. These below posts were made as comments to the "Welcome" post and are republished here as I suspect they weren't being seen and the author is hoping for some kind of response/dialogue.

Freewall Could Discourage Random Tagging and Serve As an Art Piece

On August 7, 2007 11:36 PM at Kevin said...

It goes like this. Graffiti as you all may know is a evergrowing problem in FW. But realisticly, do you believe that you can stop Graffiti? No. Look At New York, where "graffiti" emergerd from. Every Effort they have tried to combat graffiti has failed and even til' this day there are tags on the walls. FW needs to look at graffiti as something that isn't going to get up and leave our city. Why hasn't anybody suggested a way to barter with these graffiti artist. Graffiti will never stop. New kids are going to find new ways to get spray paint and markers and go write a name somewhere. Has anybody ever seen or heard of a "freewall" or "legal Wall"? It's a place with a big wall where kids can go and paint, tag, bomb or whatever they do LEGALLY! Why not give these kids a chance to express themselves LEGALLY?!? A freewall would be less money to build and maintain in the longrun rather then keep erasing the graffiti. A wall like this would in my opinion slow down graffiti very much. If You have any Qustions PLease feel free to E-mail Me at

I would love to discuss this issue and go into more details about a freewall.

Thank you.

And then on November 8, 2007 9:38 AM, K-e-v-i-n said...

how come nobody has replied to my comment yet? are you afraid that this might actually be a good idea?


I personally like the idea of a freewall. (I talked about the idea here.)

Please feel free to address Kevin directly by email, or by leaving a comment here.



FedWayan said...

A freewall is a perfectly good idea. It should be somewhere that isn't obscure and is a natural place for the tagging demographic to visit.

Incidentally, I read recently that Redmond's skate park is officially a freewall.

At very least, with a freewall, or some other non-hidden place where open amateur graffiti art is *legal*, the city would have a leg up in going after taggers who paint in unauthorized places by saying "look, you can do this in *these* places if you want". But again, this/these place(s) would need to be generally visible and available, not follow the city's trend of putting things (like City Hall) tucked away on obscure side streets and underused parks.

I'd still have issues with the current city policy on graffiti -- property owners, not the city, should be determining what is vandalism on private property.


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