Monday, November 5, 2007

Don't Forget to Vote

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Federal Way Graffiti makes the following endorsements:

- YES on Prop. 1
- No to Dovey (who prefers letting East Hicksville remain unincorporated)
- YES on Prop. 1
- Write-in candidate "Lower Rates" for all Lakehaven positions
- YES on Prop. 1
- Write-in candidate "James Lamb" for all other position where someone is running unopposed
- YES on Prop. 1

More about what might happen if you don't vote YES on Prop. 1.
(For one, perhaps we'll still get everything anyhow. Or, all the freeways will convert to toll roads.)

And travel times if Prop. 1 is implemented.

On the other hand, The Federal Wayan has a more reasonable set of recommendations.

As a returning citizen after a 10-year absence, I gotta say you Washingtonians sure do vote alot.



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