Sunday, October 21, 2007

That's How We Roll

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Vote Yes on Prop. 1I've haven't been able to get to this sooner, but by waiting, I can roll up everyone else's responses and provide a more complete picture.

I am for the Prop. 1, the whole deal. Having lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, I can see what happens when you choose the alternative -- do notihng. I've also seen what happens when a freeway extension is opened near your house a week after you move in. Instant clog. And then again what happens when you finally build light rail decades after you should have... you pay a lot more than you could have, each extention takes a long time to get going, and it's an instant hit with riders. (The flip side... every time anything new happens in Los Angeles, the transit workers go on strike... so the fancy new trains sat idle while the roads... well, they didn't go on strike.) The only thing I'm bummed about is that nothing addresses the misery that is Federal Way. Or at least, not in a way that helps me. A drive to Seattle on a Saturday can take 25 minutes... or going to up Tukwilla for decent shopping and restaurants... 15 minutes. That is, after the 15-20 minute drive to the freeway.

Let's take the 18 all the way to the NE Tacoma border in anticipation of Northshore... let's put lightrail along 320th. Allow for more commercial/business development on this side of town to eliminate some residents' commutes. Wishful thinking, too be sure. But I don't think the city's 6-year plan of more shared carpool/bus stop/right turn lane right-hand surface carpool lanes are going to do much. Especially in the piecemeal fashion they're being built.

No word yet on the issue from the "Vote No" folks, but I'm guessing they'd be against them fancy paved roads.

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