Sunday, September 2, 2007

What's News - Sept. 2

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A godly growth spurt at Christian Faith Center
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM -- There were plenty of other things Lenora Turner could've been doing on a sunny weekday rather than helping set up the bookstore in her church's new building. But there she was this week unloading boxes of books, surrounded by hundreds of other volunteers, staff members and construction workers painting, cleaning, moving — all in preparation for Sunday's opening of Christian Faith Center's Federal Way campus. It's a big move for a big church. (Sept. 1) More...

Crime Festers at Apartments
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM -- Speckled along Federal Way’s horizon is a bevy of apartment and condominium complexes, their density and regular stream of new management bringing high crime rates in some cases. Multiple-unit housing facilities, by nature, draw more crime than single-family residences because they house a higher density of people in one area, said Michelle Landon, Federal Way police crime analyst. (Aug. 31) More...

Writings on the walls rarely include FW history
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM -- In neighboring cities, historic photographs and paraphernalia, reminding residents and visitors how the city came to be, are proudly displayed in eateries, businesses and government buildings. These items are mostly absent from Federal Way establishments. Unlike many cities, Federal Way was not founded as the result of industrial prosperity. Gold was not struck here. Massive amounts of coal were not found. The fishing and boating industries were not the building blocks for the city. Logging took place, but it was not the city’s backbone. (Aug. 31) More...

Federal Way school officer facing pair of misdemeanor charges
MONTANASNEWSSTATION.COM -- A Federal Way police officer, based at Federal Way High School was charged today with communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. Terry Wilson was charged with two gross misdemeanors in Federal Way Municipal Court. he was also charged with assault. (Aug. 31) More...

Wanna Live at Sanjaya’s House?
IDOLSTALKER.COM -- Not with him, of course! Sanjaya Malakar’s house is up for sale! Apparently, Federal Way just isn’t where the action’s at. The curiously coiffed crooner — actually, his soon-to-be stepfather — is selling the Federal Way home where the 17-year-old lived for two years before his life got swept up in Idoldom. More...

3 vehicles hit by rocks on I-5 at Federal Way
SEATTLEPI.NWSOURCE.COM -- The State Patrol wants to arrest the person or persons responsible for a rock-throwing spree on Interstate 5 at Federal Way early today that left a trucker with glass in his eyes and minor lacerations on his face. (Aug. 29) More...

Federal Way fire levy passes
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET -- In Des Moines and Federal Way, voters approved on Aug. 21 a six-year property tax levy lid lift for South King Fire and Rescue. (Aug. 28) More...

Checking out what's under the Hylebos boardwalk
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET -- Rain poured from overhead, cascading its way down to the saturated earth below. With the loud reverberations of raindrops on nylon jacket hoods, the group had to listen closely to guide and general contractor Cliff Houghtaling as he led the way through the maze of construction underway at the West Hylebos Wetlands Park last week. (Aug. 28) More...

Shopping carts clutter the city
FEDWAYMIRROR.COM -- Red, blue and brown colored shopping carts can be seen littering street corners, bus stops and business parking lots in downtown Federal Way near Pacific Avenue South. The abandoned carts are an eyesore and frustration for some homeowners — and an expensive piece of equipment to collect or replace for some business owners. (Aug. 28) More...

Federal Way's future sky-high?
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM -- First came the families, pushed out by Seattle's high housing prices. Then came the subdivisions, spreading out where fields used to be. Now the ultimate symbol of growth is coming to South King County: skyscrapers. (Aug. 26) More...


City of Federal Way City Council - Finance/Economic Development/Regional Affairs Committee
Tuesday, September 4, 2007 - 5 pm (PDF)

City of Federal Way City Council - Special Meeting
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007, 6 pm (PDF)


City of Federal Way Commission Vacancies
Parks & Recreation, Civil Service, Diversity (2), Lodging Tax Advisory (2). The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, September 21, 2007. More... (PDF)

City of Federal Way Arts Commission Seeking Submissions for City Art Galleries
The Federal Way Arts Commission is accepting applications for the 2008 Art Gallery Program. Visual artists are invited to submit a resume and photo samples of their work. The Commission will review all entries and select artists to exhibit their work in City galleries in 2008. Artists chosen will receive a $200 honorarium and are encouraged to sell their work. Sales are handled privately with the artist. (Here's your change, taggers who claim what you're doing is art!) More... (PDF)


The Nay(Annexation)-Sayers Have a New Website
It seems pretty inevitable... (King County doesn't want you!), why not swallow the bitter pill now and incorporate into Federal Way while there's a terrific financial incentive being offered by the county and state to include you? Otherwise, it'll be somewhat begrudgingly done later on when there's no funds available. Unless you go form your own little city.
Old site:
New site:
(design inspired by Lethal Weapon 3's opening credits?)



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