Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's New in Federal Way - Sept. 12

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I've been on vacation. I thought it would mean more time to search the city for graffiti, but I've ended up being pretty busy. (On the flip side, it's becoming harder to find new graffiti. I think headway is being made.) I do have some more to update.


Shell-shocked over eggings
At least five homes or vehicles were egged between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. The vandalism all occurred sometime overnight. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM

Cameras in city's core can catch crooks
Federal Way police are one step closer to using surveillance cameras to catch criminals in the act as they commit crime in the downtown core. Police have gathered support for the Safe City program and plan to submit a grant proposal to the Target Corporation, which encourages and partially funds the program, by the end of this month, Lt. Mark Benson said. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM...


Notice of land use applicaton
Safeway on 320th - Gas Pumps and Convenience Store More at CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM (PDF)

Determination of environmental nonsignificance
Federal Way Villages to feature 300,890 square feet of mixed use commercial, office and multifamily residential plus 94 townhomes. Don't miss all the required TIPs the city is requiring. More at CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM (PDF)

Yellow left-turn arrows will multiply in city
On Sept. 4, the Federal Way City Council agreed to add more left turn on flashing yellow signals at city intersections. Federal Way now features one of these turn signals, installed in November 2006, at 9th Avenue South and South 336th Street. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM
New HOV Lanes Now Open on SR 99 in Federal Way

Countdown to safer crosswalks
"Wait," says a male voice loudly. Seconds pass before the voice announces "walk sign." Large, red numbers begin to count down, from 13 to 0, the time remaining for pedestrians to cross the street. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM


Federal Way Festival Days 2007 Photo Gallery
A little anemic, but here's a couple of photos. Courtesy of FEDWAYMIRROR.COM

Federal Way Comprehensive Plan
Money quote: Provide alternatives to Single Occupancy Vehicles to reduce their use, relieve congestion on streets (especially in peak hours), and provide more rapid movement of people, goods, and services on streets. This may include helicopter, rail, increased transit, park and ride lots, car and vanpools, telecommuting, and information highway products. Helicopters? Sign me up. Table of Contents, Section 3 - Transportation (PDF)



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