Sunday, September 2, 2007

Updates (9/2)

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I've recently noticed that these tags have been erased: Utility Box (178), Retaining Wall (164), Utility Box (93)

I also briefly visited Dash Point State Park this afternoon. It seemed to be in good condition. The men's bathroom contained the usual scrapings on mirrors and a couple of painted surfaces. Not nearly as bad as you might expect, though. And no visible painted graffiti (didn't go into any stalls, but the walls seem to be smartly painted black.) The outside of the building by the women's restroom did have the word "poop" written on it in black marker, but I didn't think it wise to take a photo considering stories lately involving people getting arrested for spying on people at campgrounds. (Plus, do we really need a photo? Maybe the tagger thought they were being helpful in describing what one might find inside the building?)

I should be getting a new toy soon which may help in getting erased tags colored green on the map quicker.



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