Sunday, September 23, 2007

A slight adjustment

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Even though I suddenly found myself at a loss for words when asked what the future of this website would be the plan all along was to eventually broaden the scope to cover not just tag kiddies but all of the stuff that makes up Federal Way, good and bad. At the time I chose the name, I had it in my mind a way that the name would still make sense. I guess I should have written it down as it escapes me at the moment.

However, in a fit of creativeness tonight, I did create a new graphic for the top of the site. And, more importantly, a second map. This second map indicates where in Federal Way news is happening.

One of the cool things about Google Maps in general is that if you're looking at a map, it will tell you when there is "user-generated content" available for the area you're looking at. So, this new map can highlight bad apartment complexes or historical sites to visit or whatever. And basically show you what's going on in Federal Way.

Future plans include better icons to distinguish different types of items and hopefully Google will introduce folders and/or sorting to their maps so that I can better arrange everything.

As always, a work in progress and an experiment. We'll see if it pans out. If it does, the next time you're reading about something on this blog happening at Federal Way High School, you'll be able to click a (Map) link and see where the news is.



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